Toggle Switch Fan Controller

Anyone know of a zigbee or zwave fan control switch that uses a standard toggle form-factor? I know there are a few decora options (including the GE one) but my whole house is toggles, and I don’t like the look of decora in an old house anyway.

I need local (non-app) control of fan speed and on/off.


All of these will work for you: (Amazon)

he didn’t ask for plug-ins.

he’s looking for this
GE 12727 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Smart Toggle Switch, White

it won’t do the speed control, just on/off. There are many other discussions of how implement fan speed - short answer I think is “no easy way”. I would use a wireless thermostat ceiling fan controller for speed control, like

Never use a lamp dimmer for a fan. You’ll burn out the fan motor, and may burn down the house. Many topics already discussing this.

As far as a toggle wall switch, or a relay, you have to get one that’s rated to control the amperage of the fan. These are often higher than a typical light fixture. If you just want to toggle, you should be able to use a motor control relay inside the switch box (again, check the rating). SmartenIT makes some zigbee ones that should work. This one is on the official “works with SmartThings” list and is good for most ceiling fans:

I realize this is an old thread, but it has had the most helpful information so far in the same quest as the OP. I also have all toggle switches in my apartment and switching to paddles is not in the cards. In regards to controlling a ceiling fan with SmartThings, I can handle adding the SmartenIt load controller, but what kind of switch do I need to be able to control it with SmartThings? Do I need a smart on/off switch, smart dimmer, or standard toggle? I’m not so much concerned about controlling the speed with the switch (the fan is on high when it’s turned on), but I won’t turn down the feature if it can be controlled with a dimmer as I already have some extra smart toggle dimmers laying around.

Hello All, Hope I’m not upsetting anyone resurrecting this old thread.

New to smart stuffs and exploring this topic, toggle style switch for a ceiling fan, several years ago the short answer was it isn’t easy or use a universal remote kit. Has anything changed?

Looking for toggle style switches for on/off of a ceiling fan. Physical dimmer style speed control would be nice but app control would work equally well. I appreciate your time and support in advance.