I just want a simple z-wave toggle light switch

I hate the decora-style light switches. Does anyone make a simple toggle on/off in wall switch that is zwave or zigbee enabled? not a dimmer, i just want on and off. I can’t find this anywhere? If not, is there a way to retrofit one?

Do a Forum search :mag: for “micro relay” or “micro-controller”.

They work great. Several brands to choose from.

You can use a GE toggle or an Aeon microcontroller behind a conventional switch. If you go with the GE toggle, just remember that it won’t exactly match all the other dumb toggles in your house, as conventional switches don’t have a middle position.


Thanks @Mr_Lucky and @tgauchat

I have one of the GE toggles, which is better than nothing, but as you said @Mr_Lucky, it doesn’t match the rest of my switches. I also find that the dimming feature is more of a hassle. Since it automatically goes back to the last dim level, I’m not always getting the brightness I want. For most of these, I just want on/off. Easy Peasy.

I figured a micro controller would be the way to go, but there are so many different options and I find the descriptions on these to be unclear. I wasn’t entirely sure what they did.

Is the Aeon Labs the defacto standard device the ST community uses? A couple of my switches do NOT have a neutral, so that becomes an issue. Also, a couple of them will be in a 3 way setup. Another is a single dimmer switch for the light, but it also has a fan attached to it. Could I get two of these and control the fan separately?

So many questions, sorry!

Lots of questions; but it will be easiest if you give a micro-relay / micro-controller a try for a simple use case and then you’ll understand it a lot better and can by more incrementally.

The Monoprice version is the cheapest (works well…, except, my 2 of 2 died, but maybe it’s surging circuit). The Aeon Labs seems to be the most popular. I’m considering the Enerwave. Read the Amazon reviews, though. They all pretty much do the same thing – but both Monoprice and Aeon have “dual” versions – two relays in one.

You need a neutral to power the relay/controller. The unique thing about these devices though, is you can put them up in the light fixture where you likely have a neutral (must?) if it isn’t in the switch gang box.

Yeah, that’s good advice, I’ll grab one of these and learn how it works.

The Dual version was throwing me as well. This is one device you can put in a 2 gang box to control 2 separate sets of lights?

Thanks @tgauchat

I believe so…

There are probably some really good specs on Aeon’s website. This document, below, for example, shows 3-way and 4-way wiring, etc…


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Fibaro also makes modules. For dimming, switching and RGBW tape control.

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I just installed that GE switch in my garage yesterday and tied it to a motion sensor. It’s perfect.

I have solid copper wiring and am looking for an Ivory colored Z-Wave toggle switch. Does anyone know if one exists or something like the AEON device but works with solid copper wiring? Thank you

Do the relays work in a 3way setup? Would you need a relay at each switch?

Depends on the specific model. Some of the micros allow for direct wire connection to a second switch. You just have to look at the specs for each model. Here’s one example, but the wiring diagrams only work for the specific model.


Zooz makes a simple toggle. 2 pack for $50


Thanks JD, in lieu of this, would Two relays work?

Usually, yes. Depends on the exact wiring setup. @navat604 or one of the other electrical experts could explain more.