TKBHOME TZ75 Rolle Shutter Controller


I have get TKB HOME TZ75 Roller Shutter Controller, can anyone know if i can integrate to Smartthing???

Please help me

It is a zwave device, therefore it can be made to work. From the manual it looks like it would behave much like a light dimmer. There is a zwave window shade device type in the smartthings IDE. My guess is that it will work just fine.

Did you manage to find a device type or device handler that works well with the TZ75 controllers? I’m just trying to set a couple of these up and it has identified as Z-Wave Window Shade which is fine to open and close but it won’t let me set a percentage.


I use z wave eindow shade, and i have the same problem i can not set percentage of open or closed. I have also a problem that is oposite, if shutters are closed i have notice that are open and reverse.
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That’s disappointing, I was hoping some clever sod on here would have managed to get these relays integrated properly by now. I have some of the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 modules which work great but are double the price so I was hoping I could achieve the same functionality with these for half the price :unamused: