Qubino flush shutter device handler - newer app

Hi everyone

I started testing out some z-wave devices and got stuck on the Qubino flush shutter.
With the tiny experience i have, i made the following observation:
The default device Handler does not control the tilt of the roller nor is there any option to adjust it or put it in a preset.
The custom device handlers i found don’t work with the new app -> doesn’t load the device when tapping on it and shows some sort of network error.

Does anyone know of a way to make these work in the newer app?

Best regards Daniel

Anyone has got an idea if slats are coming to the z-wave window shade device handler? Or the Qubino flush shutter is soon going to be officially supported by smartthings as announced?

Mine is not working with the new app either.

I opened a ticket with qubino. They said they have been waiting for ST for over a year to finish the official integrations. Smartthings has just started integrating the devices a bunch of months back. The shutter actuators are not done yet though. We can only hope and wait.

Thanks, @DAN320!

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