TKBHOME TZ66D double switch

Well if it pairs, you could develop a device handler. Or perhaps use a similar device from the IDE. I am still learning, so I would not be the best person for this. However, if others here are interested (typically they see a use for it) then they generally speak up.

You do realize that ST doesn;t work with Scenes right?

I’m also not experienced enough to help directly, but you might want to check out ZWN-RSM2 Create a new device type .

See, a helpful community we are … Thanks @infofiend

@danielccm please let us know if you have questions and if you’re successful, I may want to pick up a few of these switches if they can be made to work.

Hey all! Thanks for the answers! Truly helpful! Now… if only I knew how to code for the smartapps ecosystem… lol! (I’m no programmer…)

I’ll go through the dev section… Never been afraid of challenges… I hope to be back some day with answers and (hopefully) an app or something…

Unless someone can guide me thru the process of… creating a device handler???


  1. Installing a SmartDevice TYPE

Open SmartThings IDE in your web browser and log into your account.
Click on the “My Device Types” section in the navigation bar (or open the SmartDevices page).
On the “'s Device Types” page, click on the “+ New SmartDevice” button on the right.
On the “New SmartDevice” page, fill out the mandatory “Name” field. It does not matter what you type in the name field since it will be overwritten in the next step anyway. Click the blue “Create” button at the bottom of the page. An IDE editor window containing device handler template should now open.

  1. Copy the source code you want to start with – either by clicking the from"device type examples" button on the upper right-hand side of the page or by copy&paste from code in GitHub. Either way, make sure you completely overwrite contents of the editor window with the source code copied.
    Click the blue “Save” button above the editor window. Click the “Publish” button next to it and select “For Me”. You have now self-published your smart device handler.

  2. Installing a SmartDevice

In the SmartThings IDE, click on the “My Devices” section (or open the Device List page).
On the “Device List” page, click on the “+ New Device” button on the right.
On the “Create Device” page, enter device name in the mandatory “Name” field. You can use any name here.

Optionally, enter device label in the “Label” field. This is the actual label that will displayed in the SmartThings mobile app.

Fill in the mandatory “Device Network Id” filed. You can enter any string or number here, since it will be overwritten by the device handler anyway.

In the mandatory “Type” field, select (from the drop-down list) the name of your device TYPE from step 1-2 .
In the mandatory “Version” field, select “Self-Published” from the drop-down list.
In the “Location” field, select location where you want to install new device.
In the “Hub” filed, select the name of your SmartThings hub.
Click the blue “Create” button at the bottom of the page.

  1. Refresh Device List in SmartThings Mobile App. Open the SmartThings app on your mobile device, go to the Dashboard and log out of your SmartThings account. Exit and restart the SmartThings mobile app.
    Log back in into your SmartThings account. Your new device should now appear on the “Things” page.

ok… I gave it a try… but I get lost in the device type… Actually, I get lost right at the beginning…

As I said, I’m no programmer (even though I did do some C++ way back in the past century)… :frowning:

The switch has according to TKBHOME only one zwave node… what other information would you guys need to help me/us out?

Thanks for your patience!

Lots of steps here but they are all pretty easy.

Do you have access to the IDE?

Do you have Links when logged in there for “My Device Types” and “My Smart Apps” ?

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Hey Matt!

I had “forgotten” to become a developer by clicking the link at the bottom… Lol!

I will take a look at the new options and return here when I’m ready…

Thanks for everything guys! I’ll be back soon!

Hey Matt!

Reviving this old thread just in case anyone found a way to make the THBHOME TZ66D double light switch compatible…

I’ve used this time to become a little more familiar with the IDE… But still don’t know how to create a new device… Any chance you could help me? Thanks!

I’m also interested to know if anyone has gotten both paddles working?

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Me too would remove the need for a fibaro on one of my lights and allow hue control on the other.

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I recently saw a smartapp called “multi point control” and a device type “zwave device multichannel”…

Any idea how they’re supposed to be used?

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You can get to the app on your mobile by going to “Marketplace > SmartApps > More > Multi-Channel Control”

I am also keen on finding a 2 and a 3/4 gang single Z-Wave enabled switch that will work with the SmartThings Hub. I am also keen to find out if the “TZ66D” will work with the official Multi-Channel Control smartapp as I am keen to get one or something similar.

There is another post on the Multi-Channel Control smart app here and here.

EDIT: Dispite appearing to be a double switch, I have found out that the TZ66D only has one switched output, the other switch is to control other Z-Wave enabled devices.

The MCO Z-WAVE Glass Touch Panel Switch 2 Button has two switched outputs and may work with the official Multi-Channel Control smartapp, but I can’t say for sure. It is also rather expensive costing around £70-£80.

I like the idea of the other zwave enabled devices being controlled by the TZ66D… Would we be able to come up with a Device Handler to use that ability? I’m no programmer, but I could be a good guinea pig! lol!

Hello all, Did anyone get the TZ66D working with the ST hub?

I have a TZ66D wall switch installed, and can get the switched paddle to connect as a generic Z-Wave switch, but the RH Paddle can’t seem to connect or show up in ST… I can only control one of the two lights!

Would love to get this working, as the functionality would be very useful for me!

Any luck with this anyone?


I’m still in this same situation…


I am a new user of ST. With the v2, anyone gave any luck for tz66d

Hi All, sorry to know there is still no final solution for this issue. ST not support multichannel, so tz66d right paddle can’t work. But we tested other hubs Vera, Fibaro, Zipato etc which support tz66d right paddle as controller.

btw: tz66d is end-of-life now, new generation is tz56d with Gen5 Z-Wave plus chip. Dual relay switch is also available with SKU TZ57 and can control two load separately. But again ST not support multichannel :frowning:

You may choose single paddle switch TZ56S or dimmer TZ55S…

This work for tkbhome dual relay switch.

Link: [RELEASE] Virtual Device Sync - Create Virtual Devices and Keep Them In Sync With a Physical Device

But after using it, my on/off switch is toggle upside down