TKBHome TZ36D Second Paddle Support?

I have a connected a ZT36D Z-Wave duel switch to my hub, got the first paddle working fine but there is no way I can get the second one recognized or working.

Had any successfully set up both switches on this model with smartthing who can guide me using the correct setting / handler ?


Did you search the forum before posting? Other people have it working, but you will have to be using the classic app to set the associations correctly.

From the manufacturer’s product description:

The left paddle controls the local load while the right paddle remotely controls Z-Wave associated devices only.

See, for example, the following thread:

I searched the forum but could not any reference to this particular model or anyone who has the second switch working.

I think if I had the correct handler I would on the way, but I am not even sure on that, generic z-wave switch half work, but generic Z-wave dual switch does not work at all.

That’s because that device is not a dual switch in this sense. The second paddle is used only with associations, exactly the way that the one that I linked (TZ35D) works.

Yours is a newer model, but it uses the same commands and is designed in the same way by the same manufacturer.

Someone else will have to help you further, I’m not feeling well at the moment.

I made a start at this, looking at the way to associate two Z-Wave nodes which started to make sense, unfortunately the two current Z-Wave relays I have don’t support association, so unless I can make a virtual one (does not look possible) then I will have to wait and get a new compatible Z-Wave device.

Thanks for your help in getting me this far.

The target devices don’t have to support association. Only the trigger device (your TZ36D) does.

The trigger device is going to send a “basic“ (that is a Z wave term in this context) to the target devices. They will receive it just like they would receive a command from the hub. So that part is OK.

In order to set the associations in the trigger device, you can use the “Z wave tweaker.“

This is a custom DTH created by a community member that will work for any mains powered Z wave device. (It does not work for battery powered devices.)

You will temporarily change the DTH for your paddle switch To the tweaker, then set all of the associations, save those to the paddle switch, and then change back to your regular DTH for the paddle switch. Your associations were saved in the firmware of the paddle switch, so they will still be set.

You can get the code for the Z wave tweaker and ask any further questions about it in the following thread. :sunglasses:

So I had a go at this this afternoon but without success.
Changed the handler on the TBK to Wave-Tweaker and can check settings and set up the switch.

Identified in the switch I want to control as having an ID of DEF7

Identified the group I want to use (has the correct function) from the manual as group 4

So using the Wave-tweaker set the Associated Group ID: 4

and the Associated Group Members: DEF4

and Command Class: Auto-Detect

Saved that and SYNED turned green fine, however the second switch did not start controller the Z-Wave device.

Instead the Left TBK switch in the Smartthings GUI became detached from the physical switch and right switch started controlling that, so a step back I think. I am more confused than ever on what setting I should put in with the Wave-tweaker.

You’ll get the best answers about the zwave tweaker if you ask in the zwave tweaker thread. :sunglasses: