TiVo Integration, via telnet?

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Has anyone had any success integrating a TiVo? TiVo supports basically all of its remote commands via Telnet, but I understand the ST hub can’t send Telnet commands.

The latest TiVo software offers finally offers significant power savings when in Standby mode. So basically, I want to put my TiVo into Standby mode when I trigger my “Good Night” action. Any ideas?

I recommend using Harmony even though it adds another device to the chain. However, if you do put more effort into a device, try to use HTTP instead

Hi Kristopher,
Yeah the $99 for a Harmony hub isn’t worth it to me. I only have TiVo and an AppleTV (not a complicated AV setup), and I love the TiVo remote… so the Harmony stuff doesn’t offer much added benefit. If I can’t do this directly with ST, I’ll just skip it.

I’ll do more research into HTTP, but I don’t think the STANDBY command is enabled that way.

What about using a raspberry pi? With some programming you could send HTTP commands to the RPi and have it execute a script to connect to the tivo via telnet

Yeah pi is a good idea… I’ve been thinking about putting one online to integrate my alarm system anyway. Thanks

I have just started looking at http://thethingbox.io/ or just a pi with Node-Red to fill in the things that ST can’t do. So far I like it a lot.

I just got a harmony ultimate home hub. Its controls for tivo are kind of rotten and I think I’ll be returning it.

My understanding is that Harmony does not have RF support for TiVo. That alone caused me to not consider adding it, which is ashame because the rest of the ST/Hue functionality looks pretty great.

Andy, have you found anything that does work well for controlling your Tivo?

Just the TiVo remote… There does not seem to be a consumer grade universal remote available that does not cripple some TiVo functionality. If I come up with something or find a hack elsewhere, I’ll update.

I ended up using HAM Bridge running on a Mac to control my TiVo. I’m hoping I can simplify the setup when the new Hub v2… fingers crossed for more LAN support.

HAM Bridge is easy enough to set up, but it’s clunky since you have to write a script for each and every TiVo command. I just wrote commands for the ones I care about.

Just 'cause I’m curious, @Explosion5000 what is crippled about the Harmony/TiVo solution? I figure Harmony can output whatever IR code you want… so shouldn’t you be able to replicate the whole TiVo remote on Harmony?

“Crippled” is probably too harsh. Just Google “tivo roamio and Logitech harmony.” The integration seems very buggy, and considering the lack of tivo RF and the requirement to add another hub to my already crowded AV cabinet, I am not pulling the Harmony trigger yet (although I hope to do so at some point).


A separate script for each command is not necessary. For all single command execution, you can use a single script, and pass it the command name using an additional parameter to your GET. You just need to embed a placeHolder for that param in your script and it will be evaluated before execution (even in external scripts). For more info on using params with HAM Bridge have a look here.

Amazing. Now we’re talkin’.
Thanks, Scott.

Okay I’ll take your word for it, though it seems like the post you linked too pretty much got it all working. It does seem curious to me that Logitech doesn’t support IP commands from its hub, especially since a lot of the higher-end AV equipment uses IP to communicate with Crestron/Control 4/etc. I’m not gonna add another hub to my system either, at least not until I see what ST v2 hub has in store. Until then, my HAM Bridge solution is working fine.

Not trying to be a Luddite… But lots of futzing and another RF to IR relay was what put the idea on ice for me. I should also mention that my AV reciever sits on top of my cabinet. This would mean putting the Logitech hub in my cabinet, then using an IR repeater to control the reciever. Like I said, “cripple” is probably too harsh, and folks certainly have it working. For me, WAF is super critical on the TV, and although one remote would make things easier, the possibility of something failing between 2-3 remotes/hubs/repeaters was enough to stick with the TiVo remote. :sunglasses: