TiVo REST API network control

I know TiVo has been discussed here before. I found these documents this morning the use a similar RESful API to what SmartThings uses so I think we may have better luck.


I tried to contact the Jermain Anderson in the overview doc and that message bounced back.

I have tried to call TiVo corporate and their phone number goes direct to a voicemail dead end.

I have now been on the phone with Support for over an hour on and off hold trying to get them to find a developer relations person for me to talk to.

This API would be nice, although I have quite a bit of access through SmartThings CoRE, Harmony and Alexa. Love this web page.

I currently have a Tivo Bolt, and 3 Tivo Minis. Each one also has a Harmony Hub connected to them as well with full blown Alexa integration. What kind of use cases would you want in a Tivo-ST integration?

It would be pretty cool if we can get push notifications when shows are recorded and deleted. Also would be cool to utilize skip commercial and mute commands easily which Harmony can only do via an Activity.

As my Harmony device is not going to be resurrected at this point. And I am waiting on the Remotesy. I had thought a native protocol would be a better method to look at.

I have a Romeo Pro and 6 Minis

What I want first:

  1. Location of Devices and Room assignment
  2. Status of Device (Live TV (Channel, show), Playback, Menu)
  3. Set Basic Things (Play, Pause, Wake UP, Standby, Live TV to channel)

I know I can do more but I don’t want to promise more than I know I can do.

I would love to use the TIVO API to auto-detect a SKIP event message and automatically Skip rather than do this step manually with the remote…