When is home theater control coming?

this is the last piece keeping me from jumping on board. i want to be able to set my harmony 1100 aside and use my ST app for HT control. I know they have said they are working on harmony integration but is there any other current solutions that work?

I put my Harmony remotes in moth balls in favor of iRule. I much prefer designing my own layouts for remotes without the limited number of choices Harmony imposes.

I integrate iRule with SmartThings, Hue, and others, using a Mac running HAM Bridge.

While the future may indeed have the SmartThings app providing an interface to control A/V gear… it would require fundamental changes I don’t expect to see for some time.

Just checked out iRule, looks pretty cool but for the guests who come into the house, it’s not user friendly. I cant picture my mother in law trying to fumble with 3 remotes or use iRule to put on the the tv. I just picked up the Harmony Smart Remote Control Hub for $129.99 and love it. It’s a great iOS app and the physical remote is small and easy to use. Perfect combination, Probably not as flexible as iRule but does serve my needs.

iRule Basic is only $49.99, and iRule Pro is just $99.99.

And that’s for the soft alone. Then add another $115 for the iTach hardware. No flipping way!

BTW, iTach Flex has REST interface. It should be possible to hook it up directly to the ST hub.

Not sure why you would say that, the interface can be whatever you want it to. You can even have additional screens, dumbed down however you want for your guests (with access to critical settings hidden).

You’d think so, but I’ll be darned if I can find a way to do it (or help with it if it is indeed possible). I can do a simple GET, but POST and PUT simply don’t work with the REST API equipped gear I have, and getting a response returned hasn’t been possible either (at least not without a custom device type).

I control three rooms full of gear with a single IP2IR, and have five remotes configured (a Moto x, 2 Nexus 7s, iPod Touch and iPad), controlling 18 devices, none of which require line of sight. This is simply not possible with Harmony.

We have been working with Logitech on a Harmony integration. I will try to get some more info next week on what the state of this is.


That sounds great, i have been using harmonyhubcontrol to control my TV’s and HTPC via smartthings. I would love to control the directly so i’m looking forward to your announcement.

It’s roomies remote all the way for me. I don’t think smartthings could match the capability there. I have the itachs as well as many ip controlled devices and it works perfectly.

Hi Ben, any updates on the harmony integration

Adding Logitech support would be great, looking forward to the update and the release even more!

No updates to report. Sorry. It has been back-burnered a little in light of other developments but we are still very keen to get it done.

I think we all know what those “developments” are now, but do you have any update regarding Harmony?

Last night I noticed a “Logitech Harmony Hub” device show up in Developer Tools. I added it to my hub and it looks like it’s logging activity like “Registering with Client Connect”, “Registered with Client Connect” and “Connection is healthy”, but there’s no way to control it. Is this a pre-release version? Perhaps I have to wait until I get home to do something on the Harmony side, like “Scan for devices” or something. That looks like it would be for Harmony -> ST control though. I’m more interested in the opposite.

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Yes, this is back on the front-burner and we should see something for a Harmony integration soon.

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any update is getting this integrated?

http://www.myharmony.com/ integration with smartthings is now available.

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Yup - here is a discussion about the Harmony integration: