TiVo device type?

I was thinking today that a TiVo device type might be kind of cool. It would be read only to start. But maybe list tuner status? Maybe device status if I can get it.

Interesting Idea. What would you use this device type for? What type of applications would you use it in?

Not sure yet, mainly just for informational & hacking purposes…

I would totally use a TiVo device type, but I’m mostly interested in controlling the TiVo. The mostly full set of IR codes over TCP that a TiVo will respond to are here (but a few are left out… I know STANDBY works):

I just don’t know quite enough about smartapp/device type programming to implement these.

I’m mostly interested in putting the box into Standby mode (now that Standby actually saves power on the new boxes) when I turn off the TV, or go to bed, or leave the house. But I guess you could also set it up to turn on to the local news when motion is detected in the morning… or something fancy like that.

In the future, it might even be possible to pause the TiVo when a wearable device detects that you’ve fallen asleep. I think there are lots of uses beyond just reading the tuner status.

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I’m not sure we can do raw TCP on the v1 hub, maybe the v2 hub.

I know TiVo planned an HTTP API but I’m not sure if they ever enabled it.

Ah yes. I forgot there was no local TCP. I might try to use a Mac Mini as a go-between using the HAM bridge.

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