Tired of trying to get smartthings working

I have put many hours attempting to get things to work. Replaced my alarm system with konnected, added wireless motion, wet sensors, 2 z wave light dimmer/switch, wireless alarm, and tried to add an iris keypad.

Have done nothing but struggle. Konnected did fine. Everything else is sporadic. Works and then doesn’t. Have never been able to get the iris keypad added correctly (always adds as “Thing”). Dimmer/switches and sensors are “unavailable”. Presence sensor on phones are never right.

My V2 hub quit working, got a V3 replacement. Now nothing adds correctly, if it is even found.

Beyond frustrated. Ready to sell and move on, but I’ve got a lot of money and time invested!


Hopefully you are using the SmartThings Classic app. Are you doing a general device exclusion on your z-wave devices when trying to connect them to the new hub?


For your IRIS keypad, get the custom DTH. There is a thread on here somewhere with the link to the DTH. I have no problems with mine.

I think the thread references Centralite keypad, which is the same one.

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I have the DTH. No help.

Yes, I have the Classic app. I haven’t excluded all devices, but didn’t work for the ones that I did.

Did you change the device type of the IRIS keypad in the accounts.smartthings.com ?

No, I did not. Currently though my hub can’t find it at all.

  1. Remove any ghost ST things
  2. Run a Z-wave exclude of the IRIS keypad.
  3. Bring it near the ST hub and pair it again.
  4. go into the accounts.smarthings.com and change the device type to the custom DH you published to your self.
  5. go through the other steps for setting it up.

I’ll try this tonight.

Isn’t the Iris keypad a zigbee device? It’s the Zipato BENext keypad which is zwave.

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Yes. (10 chars)

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lost my mind…:joy:

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I am feeling for ya as I just have a lock and can’t keep it online. I was considering other sensors but if I can’t keep one device attached, I would hate to have a dozen devices constantly disconnecting.

Thing for keypad means it didn’t find the right DTH. Depending on how you want you use your keypad install the appropriate DTH (e.g. with locks) and then go in manually and change your keypad DTH to the correct type from the IDE.

The good news is that it’s paired which many folks find can be troublesome.

Finally got the keypad recognized correctly. Now Konnected will not connect. Looks like my wifi boards are not working, but Konnected was very helpful in getting them replaced.
Not sure if the keypad works yet as I have nothing for them to work with. Now I can’t get my zwave dimmer switches to connect.

I wish I would have known how much trouble, work, and hours this would take. I wouldn’t have gone down this road.