Timers not working on V2 hub

Well I tried to get help from tech support but they stopped talking to me after the last test I ran had no changes.

So I also deleted ALL smartapps and added in one simple one to turn on the lights at 7pm. Nope.

Anyone else having problems with timers? I cant get any smartapp that has a timer in it to work. V1 hub these all worked flawlessly. V2 hub and they stop working.

Are you using smart light smartapps? It works for me.

my timers just don’t seem to work either. this morning my sonos should have turned on as well as my lights… nothing at all. It’s been like this since receiving the kit. The initial creating of the smart app works, but then after a day or two it stops working all together.

What smartapps are you using to control sonos and lights also what type of device are you using to control the lights?

I’ve had major issues with routines that run off time, and also some other smartapps. ST support went in a few weeks ago and modified anything that used a timer. Basically just modified the time, set it back, then resaved.

Time-based actions are much better, but Zigbee devices keep falling off the grid, or just having massive delays. ST official response to me has been to move around my devices, but they are in the same spots since I had my v1 hub. I really believe there are back-end issues, or perhaps the new hub has a different antenna design that’s impacting simple usage.

I had a stable system until this week. Now routines and modes fail. Timers that do run turn on switches instead of off them, and they touch switches not even related to the routines.

What is super cool is now the news feed shows correct but what happens in real life is not correct.

Slowly loosing faith…

Just wait, you will lose all faith shortly like the rest of us.

Touch wood since using SmartRules from ObiCode I have not had an issue with timers! Everything seems to be sprinting to life. Worth checking out if you have issues!