Time to update Smart Home Monitor

SmartThings! When are you going to update SHM to include exit and entry delays on doors of your choice and the use of a keypad. As of now the community is using keypads to turn on the arm and disarm the alarm in stay and away? But to make SHM a true alarm we need the delays.Once you do that we can retire Smart Alarm to the more integrated SHM.


My wish is for separately configurable entrance and exit delays.

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I agree completly that each door should be abe to be configured as it is in Smart Alarm.

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I like that too. I’d also like to be able to set a 30 second exit delay and no entrance delay for the selected doors.

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I use a keypad so I have and entry and exit delay on the two doors I use all the time and no delay on the patio door, I need the entry delay as I use a keypad for arming and disarming. I then have two motion detectors, planning to add a third and one glass break detector will be added with a second Flood detector. I have Aeon 5th gen siren and I will be adding a second. That will complete the alarm. It all works well now and I have my hall light flash four times as soon as either entry door is opened warning me to turn off the alarm. I have SHM showing alarm condition on both the keypad and the SHM. I can arm or disarm from the Routines or the keypad. That is why SHM needs to be brought up to modern day specs. SHM depends on presence or a minimote which is not a secure method as presence is very inaccurate. Stupid for an alarm as you can be two houses away while your alarm thinks you are in the secure zone, and people are walking away with everything you own. In my opinion presence is good if you want to be notified if someone comes home etc. I hope ST developers are working on this as it has been out of date before it was released. SA was smarter then SHM from the start and still is. SA isn’t as integrated into ST as SHM, that is why I want to change.

We need this now for dsc alarm integration. We can manage shm via arm and disarm for legacy alarm systems but shm does not have an entry and exit delay like a real alarm.

Sham is useless currently. I went back to using the smart alarm app

I agree, I hope they implement the features discussed in this thread to SHM soon, and I hope they can make more of the actions happen locally over LAN so there is no delay arming/disarming. For now I did switch to Smart Alarm, after the SHM unresponsiveness lately.

Is there any way to use Smart Alarm and a keypad for arm/disarm and status (like lowes iris keypad)? Or do keypads only work like that in SHM?

I am using SA with the keypad, but only use SHM to show status. Nothing is set up in SHM. I only arm with the keypad.

if you sync smart alarm with shm it will break… shm can change modes randomly which will change the arm status in smart alarm…
that is why I wrote my own pseudo dashboard…


I also added hue color alert support etc.

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I’m just starting to add security to my system and find it mind boggling that there is not entrance/exit delay for SHM!
Any updates in the recent past concerning implementation of delay timers for arm/disarm?

They are working on the exit delay but not sure we will ever get entrance delay. Of course this was talked about a few weeks ago so it’s probably changed by now.