Time Delay in SHM

(Mishal Al-Ajmi) #1

When will Smartthings implement a time delay for arming/disarming the “away” alarm? I would like to place a wall mounted tablet and use SHM as a traditional security system. This would allow home occupants to use the alarm without being tethered to a phone and dependant on its battery life and all other uncertainties. I tried Smart Alarm but found it to be unstabe with false alarms and no alarm when actually tripped. When is SHM going to be complete? A time delay is such a basic and trivial element of even the simplist of security systems.
Thank you,

(John Miele) #2

SHM records multiple front door intrusions on my system each day. Fortunately, it automatically mutes and resets the alarm fairly quickly when the door unlock is registered. Each time I click the false alarm check box hoping someone gets an annoying message at SmartThings…

(Dave S) #3

I have the same request - really need time delay. It doesn’t make sense to Arm the system while you are inside and leave only to have the system go off. We use a tablet to control SHM and leave it in the house just like you use a security system. That just doesn’t seem to smart - no pun intended.

(Mishal Al-Ajmi) #4

It seems like a very basic and trivial function that even the simplist of security systems have. I’m hoping that if enough people request it, it would be added as an option.

(Dave S) #5

I totally agree, and fully expected it to already be there. People get these systems to either be a simple security system or to enhance a system they already have. So as a simple security system you want to arm everything before you leave not after you leave. If it is an enhancement to a security system you already have then why would you want to turn the system on inside and wait until you get out to turn on your enhancements?

(Mishal Al-Ajmi) #6

Totally agree!! Are you listening Smartthings??? It’s about time… please :-)Thank you.

(Chris Kinser) #7

I agree. Come on Smartthings! Spend a couple weeks and add entry/exit delays to SHM. Please.

(Mishal Al-Ajmi) #8

With Smart Alarm being removed from the Market Place, it is becoming ever so important for Smart Home Monitor to implement entry/exit time delay. All those that agree, please send a note with that request to Smartthings via the “Support” -> “Email Support”.