FEATURE REQUEST: entry/exit delay

I’m interested in how many people have asked or want entry/exit delay in ST. maybe if they see how many people are asking for it in ONE PLACE they will work on it… or give us ability to replace that part of SM with custom code.

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Many of us did request about this feature when SHM first came out and ST staffs said it’s one of the feature on their to do list. Unfortunately, it’s a feature they don’t think it’s important enough to get high priority.
An alarm without entry/exit delay. Crazy I know :weary:. Maybe they need extra works for their support staffs :roll_eyes:

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I hope this post will provide some insight on how many people are wanting this. heck give us the ability to update SHM. chef redhat ansible and many others leverage the communitee for features… seems very narrow minded to me. don’t listen to what your customers want and don;t give them the ability to create it either.


I definitely would like it, though I’ve gotten what I need by using CoRE.

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Or whatever number it takes.

This feature is needed!

I was fortunate enough to have my DSC Alarm system provide the delay to arm SHM. But seriously, an alarm system should have delay entry and exit.

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ST staff have said emailing support is the best way to make requests

Sigh. This hasn’t come up in a while, we’re no closer to having this feature (along with keypad support) than we were when it was heavily requested after SHM was released.

At first ST staff argued that they know better than their customers and delays/keypads are unnecessary because you can just automate everything related to security arming/disarming. Then when it was clear that many people in this forum expected this to be one of the most basic features of a real home security system, ST eventually promised that this would be a feature added to SHM.

That was about a year ago I think? They’re gonna do (or not do) what they want, when they want. This is clearly not a priority.

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Also real developers like @tgauchat can probably elaborate more, but my understanding is there is about a 0% chance of this ever happening.

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While never officially stated by SmartThings SHM is currently closed source and has no official API because:

  1. Some of the internal code and APIs it uses are being withheld “in general” from Community Developers. These APIs have certain super-powers, risks, etc., that SmartThings believes would be too risky.

  2. SHM is one of very few paths to ongoing-revenue / fee streams / monetization… i.e., through commissions of the sale of add-on monitoring, and ad hoc monitoring (e.g., send a message to a friend, family, or neighbor so they can respond to an Alert). This last function was explicitly described as a planned premium feature; I just don’t remember when.

It’s quite possible that #2 will be abandoned (or at least in relation specifically to SHM). In which case, SHM might be opened up. Maybe. Estimating the probability of this is left up to the reader.

P.S.: None of the above explains why SHM hasn’t been enhanced with entry/exit delays. :confounded: