Nice experience with support

I had an issue where one of my zwave modules was no longer responding to commands and was not communicating. After reviewing the logs and attempting a few zwave repairs I noted a ghost zwave ID showing up as failed in the repair attempts as well as my zwave module within the hub crashing and needing to be reset frequently.

I opened a support ticket and they were able to remove the ghost device which resolved the crashing issue. They also recommended re-adding the device that was not communicating. I executed a zwave exclude first which did work, but I noticed when it removed the ID was 00 instead of the expected 21. For some reason, the module must have lost its network ID (clearly not SmartThings fault). I manually deleted the device with ID 21 from SmartThings I was able to re-add without issue.

Support was prompt and I had a positive experience. I just wanted to thank them and share my experience with the rest of the community.


I would have to say the few times I’ve had to deal with support its been prompt and fast. Every time I’ve sent an email I’ve got a response next day if not the same day. If it was either something wrong with my system or a faulty device they are very helpful and quick to respond. All of my experiences with support have been positive as well.


This has been my experience too. I’ve had to reach out 3 or 4 times in the past year.Each time I’ve had a response the same day and they have even followed up few days later to check in on the issues. I’m not someone to normally call support but they have been truly essential in getting this to work -which it now does very well -passed my 100th physical device this weekend and soon will have the whole house lighting automated.


I passed along the feedback. Thanks for the kind words!


I would also like to add that the ST team is going above and beyond their duties to make sure CoRE is a success. I want to thank them for that! Guess the community now includes the ST team too, nothing I’ve ever seen with any other company.


I too have had to ask these guys quite a few doubts/things… 100% satisfied!

I think everyone who’s used some sort of support from any company will probably agree that smartthings’ support is one of the best, if not the #1… They do it like it’s supposed to be done… that’s at least the way I see it…

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