Time based Hello Home events misfiring, or not firing at all

(Michael Langone) #1

I’ve been having some Hello Home Actions either misfire at inappropriate times, or a couple of times not at all. For one misfire the actions set for 11:30 fired off at 11:41, the event timestamped in the log confirms Goodnight fired with the delay. The time offset has not been consistently off by the same amount. That was just one instance. The Actions that aren’t firing are not even logged, so obviously they aren’t being pushed to my hub. @Ben is there a problem with the event queue again? My assumption, correct me if I m wrong, is that the clock is not internal to the hub and the events are pushed out via the ST servers. Am I right? My follow up… will Hub 2.0 have an internal clock for pushing time-based events to the local system, rather than relying on push actions from the ST servers?

(Jeff DeWolfe) #2

I have also had a few “misfires”…basically what I’m seeing is switches will be on way before they should be which is weird. It happens very randomly, so it isn’t easy to track down. I also assume it isn’t something I did, but more something on the backend.

(John Essey) #3

Having similar issues with ‘hello home’ mode changes as well as custom mode changes on timed schedules.

Automations have been great, but starting Sunday > Monday night I noticed modes not switching properly. Odd thing I noticed, I have dimmers and lights set to come on in ‘gentle wake up’, which only run in Morning Mode, which are running… but yet my overall mode is not Morning (still in Home mode). Just weird…

I opened a support ticket, still waiting…