Time based events failing

My hub was updated just updated. Afterward, it appeared that all was working but I then had some behavior where lights were turning on by themselves. I emailed support asking about this and as a result they logged into my hub without asking/notifying me (different issue). Immediately afterward, routines and smart apps that control lights in schedules stopped working… coincidence?

I’ve deleted and recreated the smart apps and routines with no change – they still don’t work corrrctly. Manually running the routines works as they should. Ideas?

As an aside, what are others thoughts on ST staff connecting into home network devices without permission or without us on phoneme etc. I’m not OK with that…

Probably a coincidence since there was a widespread issue announced yesterday.


Anytime I’ve emailed support they ask for permission to access my account/hub. Maybe @Aaron can clarify how that policy works.


I hadn’t associated that incident with scheduled items not running as I assumed that was all locally run and the incident does not indicate it is related to the hub and local processing. Perhaps the incident description could have been better worded.

At this point however is it known that this issue/incident is related to the new hub update? Given the timing, it would seem so but I hate to assume.

One last thing, does smart things perform public blameless postmortems that users can attend, or listen publish them after-the-fact? If not perhaps they can be considered.

You mention in your first post you had issues with routines. Those never run locally, FYI. Smart lighting can run locally, but it depends on which devices are involved in the automation you create.

AFAIK they haven’t explained what happened.

For at least some issues they do, see link below. I’m not a programmer or any kind of IT professional so the details of stuff like that doesn’t interest me, and it’s possible they have posted their analyses of other incidents in the past too, I’m not sure.