New Hub And Suggestions

  1. Does the new hub solve reliability problems because some functions are now handled at the hub rather that at ST servers?

  2. Are there plans to offer a way to transfer all of your commands from your old hub to the new one?

  3. Is there a way to “update” what you have on your servers for my account? In other words, make sure the latest commands are accurate and current? Most of the time, things work okay. Then, for no reason, some lights don’t work as expected.

  4. A suggestion… As the year goes on and time changes occur, there’s an ongoing need to shift times for events. For example, the turn on times for lots of my lights change as fall/winter approaches. Why don’t you add a “shift all my lights-on times” function? That way, when it gets darker earlier, I can tell all my lights to turn on 30 minutes or an hour earlier. This would be especially helpful during time zone switches. It’s now a real pain to change times for 15 different lights.



I would like to know this as well, the reliability problems I am having with scheduled events is seriously making me reconsider SmartThings.

  1. Yes and no. It does improve something but it’s not a perfect solution. Right now the only SmartApp that runs locally is the Smart Lighting app and then only if the devices involved use standard device types.

  2. Yes and no. (sensing a pattern here?) Yes the plan it to add more apps to the list of locally controlable apps, but this will probably not happen real soon. Additionally it will probably be just SmartThings apps initially, maybe 3rd party app later. And of course there will be some apps that will never be able to be local… cloud-to-cloud type things or apps that need data/info from the net.

  3. Not that I’m aware of here. What you’re probably running into is the occasional server glitches. Hub 2.0 will reduce those somewhat, but won’t necessarily eliminate them.

  4. One could hope that eventually we get rid of the dumb time changes but… what I’d recommend is that you set these apps to trigger based on sunset/sunrise rather than a specific time. This way they’ll automatically update as the seasons change as well as when the time change occurs.

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Thanks @chrisb the mega thread on this topic seems to have started because of an issue with sunrise/sunset, is that essentially as reliable as set time based events but with the benefit of mitigating seasonal changes?

I only use it for one rule myself, but for that it’s been as reliable as anything else for me.


Maybe eventually, but as the last week has shown not now. You would see a slight improvement in response times for a few switch to light operations. But at the present time one and only one smart app is eligible to run locally, the official lighting app, and that only with a few device types. For example, Philip Hues do not yet run locally.

They’ve said it would be desirable, but there is no announced plan or timeline for a migration tool.

Not really. Some improvements in this direction, again no promises made for timelines or details. See, for example,

Most people just use sunset and sunrise with an offset for this. This is already built into the system as a possible run time restriction for many smart apps. So you can have routines that run at sunset -15 minutes and they will automatically shift over the year.