Time based events failing?

Yeah… So is it sad that I’m so used to my lights coming on at dark in the bedroom, that I went in there a minute ago and couldn’t remember how to turn on the two lamps… Also note that the lights are not only remote controlled, automated, but I have echo in there too…

I think I have an HA problem

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My sunset events, routines and lighting, failed to execute this evening.

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It all comes down to whether it’s more trouble than it’s worth. And that depends on exactly what you use it for.

About five months ago I took anything off of it that I didn’t have an immediate plan B 4 when it failed.

But it gives me handsfree voice control of my television, and nothing else does that wouldn’t cost several thousand dollars more. (I’m quadriparetic, in a wheelchair, with limited hand control, so every convenience case has a big impact on my life.)

So I keep it, I use it, I really like it when it works, I curse it when it doesn’t. I don’t put anything on it that I need more than about 80% reliability four and then I can’t immediately replace with an alternative plan B. (I don’t run my home security on SmartThings, I have a separate very reliable system for that.)

I definitely feel I’ve got my money’s worth out of it, and I continue to use it. But everybody’s use case is different, and there’s no one right answer.

I have a specific need for voice control that none of the competing systems in the same price range to meet at this time. (echo is great for voice control of lights, but not the TV yet unless you add SmartThings into the mix.)

My personal feeling (and this is just a guess) is that by the summer of 2016 there will be several mostly plug-and-play systems that offer the features I want in the price range I want. But I can’t guess what those will be right now. I’m planning to start my Phase 2 assessment in May.

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Same here: I have ST since June with no failure like this at all. Today none of my rules worked - turn on the lights if there is motion, but only after sunset and before sunrise; turn on light if a door open, but only after sunset and before sunrise; turn on lights on sunset and turn off on sunrise.
My question and worry is: can I rely on my smart home monitor (security) if it is configured with time schedule?
By the way: I am sorry for my bad English :blush:

The fish has long since stopped smelling. It’s just a pile of tiny little bones.

Scheduler issues are nothing new with this platform and regressions should be expected with each platform update.

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With this said then a clapper switch would be just as effective…lol I use it to manage a vacation home and depend on it too much perhaps. Is SmartThings just really a toy at this point? I know nothing is really fool proof but then again if you believe in all the hype they generate then is should be a reliable system and it’s simply not. I truly want it to work and have spent $1,000’s of dollars on this system but I never stop tinkering with it, and that’s not the reason I purchased it. I hope they get it right…soon.


Just a request, buddy! Please help ST figure out the issue. This thread was created to help them
Help us.


My sunset tasks didn’t kick off.
The Weather Station smart app, which appears to be the app that does sunrise/sunset events, still has a scheduled job for: sunsetHandler 2015-10-22 6:43:00 PM EDT. That was almost 2 hours ago.
This sunrise event went just fine this morning and nothing changed in between.

Not sure how I could even tweak it to see if it would work in the future.

Motion sensor turned on a light but the timer didn’t turn it off after motion stopped.

It just comes down to what you need for your peace of mind.

Personally, my requirements for reliability for home security system are much higher than what SmartThings Provides at this time.

For example, I have my SmartThings SHM set up to send to notifications, one when the gate is left open, and one when a particular closet is left open.

The one for the gate works fine. The one for the closet door doesn’t work at all. I have been working with support on this, they were able to duplicate the problem, but they don’t have a fix.

So I’m OK, I know the notification doesn’t work, it’s more of a reminder anyway. But I certainly wouldn’t be using it for a personal safety situation.

In general, systems for true home security have a very limited set of devices So that they can do the same levels of reliability as a smoke sensor. They are built for that purpose and only that purpose. They do not rely on the Internet to send notifications. Some competitors in this area would be frontpoint, simplisafe, and scout alarm.

Then there are home monitoring systems which don’t reach the same level of reliability, just give you some peace of mind. Canary, for example. Personally, I would put SmartThings into the second category. It will give you some good information much of the time. At quite a low cost with no monthly contract. Many people find that valuable.

Whether that’s enough to meet your own needs is something only you can decide.

My sunset didn’t fire. That caused my Smart Lighting issue. Lots of other things are working though. Just time based stuff is broken.

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Yeah! 20 characters! I am selling some dimmer switches for double the price… :wink:

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My lights on at sunset didn’t work but my lights off a few minutes after motion stops is working.

My bedroom lights on at certain time did not work. But my porch lights on at the same time as the bedroom lights did work.

How is that helping ST solve the problems you mentioned above…loooollll

Pollster is now working.

Goodnight fired on the dot (routine triggered at a certain time).

So glad to see that I’m not alone with these problems. I have been experiencing most of them since the upgrade early this week. Thought it was just me because I didn’t see any other folks stating the same. Came home tonight reset my hub and logged out of my account to see if the issues would correct . If not, I will be putting in a ticket too. Will keep you posted. @smart you are correct, this post does help, it lets us as a community and support know that the issue is bigger than the individual… Thank you :+1:


Ok, so that wasn’t my imagination about pollster… I also noticed the app was crashing a whole lot more today…


It would seem that it’s working now… Mine just triggered at the set time.

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If only we help them help us as a community life will be good! I am a happy cadate! :slight_smile: