Time based events failing?

Let us know before you post anything on eBay… I bet you could have it all sold in minutes on here…

Just sayin… I’d buy stuff… :expressionless:

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To be fair. Sunset did trigger on the dot for me this evening (east coast). So, not a bad experience for everybody today I guess.

I have a mix of problems happening. Sunset/Sunrise events are working, but motion based events waiting for “x” minutes have a mind of their own. Including 2 bathroom switches with a mind of their own…

Yeah! It’s all very random.

I didn’t change any of my routines or Smart Lightning apps, but my sunset/sunrise worked fine, with one expection. No levels were set on any of my lights. I replaced the Smart Lightning app that controlled my non functional dimmers with cloud based app and they work again. I guess things saved locally may have be out of sync, in my case? Time will tell…Rebooting the hub did nothing for me.

I realized things were going to get worse before they got better when Ben indicated staffing goals last year. It takes resources to hire and train new staff. This pushes schedules out, not shorten them. Engineers should have [Mythical Man Month][1] as required reading in school even if it is a little dated.

Working on local processing in Hub V2 before nailing down the cloud stuff was also a mistake. Let’s face it, we wouldn’t be clammering for local control if the cloud was timely and reliable. Now where are we?
[1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mythical_Man-Month


Zwave is reliable. Zigbee is reliable. There are controllers for both that can run locally. It’s not the things you could sell on eBay that are causing events to randomly run or not run–it’s the scheduler service that comes with the SmartThings hub (either version).

SmartThings supports virtual switches, which many controllers do not, but you can’t sell those anyway.

So there are alternatives if you choose to look into them which will let you keep most of your devices. It’s one of the advantages of ST using open standards. Time invested is a different matter, of course, as is rebuilding family trust.

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Random lights turn on and off for me. Doors don’t lock with mode changes (Goodnight and Goodbye). Device status doesn’t update correctly in the app. It’s been going on for two days. I submitted a ticket. It’s a pain in the ass. The end…

It may be too early to tell, but I took my hub (v2) down for 30 minutes and brought it back online. So far some of the rogue Smart Lighting issues I was having have seemed to have gone away. Still testing at 1am EST…

Ok… Came back home and the local closet door lights for misses is not turning off… Now another 10 minutes of lecture at 1::17 AM. Darn!

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Yeah, I’m still up too… It does look like taking down the hub and bringing it back online has helped me. Although, when I did that - any light I had automatically turned on via an automation based on sunset got turned off.

I’m using “Light Turn On Schedule” to fire up an espresso machine that takes an hour to warm up every day at 5am. There are no modes or exceptions, just turn on a power switch every day at 5. This has been working without problem for months. In the last week it has failed to fire 4 times, meaning people in the house leave for work without coffee which is turning me into the jerk that put all this stuff in place.

I’ve opened yet another ticket for this issue. That will make 3 that I currently have open with no response in sight.

I had hoped that v2 would fix some issues for me, instead it’s causing way more issues and support has just flat out stopped responding to incoming tickets.

This is the inevitable result of a cloud-hosted automation system it seems. I am fully dependent upon ST for this system to work and I have zero control over the result. Maybe handing control of my home over to a 3rd party who is unable to handle the load and without whom my system is 100% useless wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.


Buy a clapper switch, much more reliable and you can wake the entire house with your clapping. Have fun be happy!

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Not to make light of the situation but honestly wth. At the core of this system is timed events, if they can’t make this work then what good is this system. I have an electric hot water heater controlled by ST, try taking cold showers 3 days in the past week, who needs coffee?

Come on ST, this needs to be corrected and soon!


So, I’m reading through ask if this and I’m trying to find the trend. Which of course is impossible because I have incomplete data.

For everyone that is having all of these problems, there must be something, or multiple somethings, that is in common.

Are each of you using the harmony integration?
Is there are particular device, our virtual device, that you are using?
Are you using the new hue hub?
How many devices are connected via a third part hub? Hue? Harmony? Wink?
Are you using wifi based devices? Thermostats?

It could be any number of things.

But, I believe that the majority of individual here actually have faith in the system, even with the bugs, glitches, lack of timely support, etc… Or ST would not have been alive for this long.

I’ve personally only had two routines not fire for me. It was one time each. I’ve noticed a delay in a locally run app one time. Other than that, it’s ask run as designed.

I have GE switches, GE link bulbs, Wemo switches, hue v1 integration, echo integration, gd00z garage door control, Phillips bulbs, Leviton plug in dimmers and switches, iris contact sensors… I have only 4 custom apps installed. I have a couple of custom device types too.

I have about 8 routines running. About 15 smart lighting routines. I do not have misses changing, except at night to turn on security and in the morning to turn it off. I switch between home and night only.

Roughly 45 devices with about 5 virtual switches.

I’m not having the same problems.

Posting this kind of information, while knowing the company employees are actively viewing (maybe not responding) this forum will go a lot further toward improving our investments…n. Than calling them names and threatening to run away to the competition.

I step down from the soap box…


It’s good to know that is random and not happening for everyone. My problems are related to timers and setting light levels. Can you confirm if you can dim your GE link bulbs using Smart Lightning and from routines? Also, do you have any GE dimmers set to turn on with a contact or a motion sensor and then off after x minutes using the Smart Lightning?

Should you install a local timer for the water heater?

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I have both SmartApps and Smart Lighting dimming my GE Wink bulbs. I also have a motion detector turn on a GE Wink bulb and turn it off after 30 min. It only happens after sunset and before sunrise. It is all working.

I do predict Smart Things will be out of business in less than one year. There is no way a company with this many reliability issues will stick around. I am going to switch as soon as I find a better solution. All this is very low tech. It is using timers to turn devices on and off. 40 year old technology.

With all due respect, several of us have been able to communicate with support on open tickets this week, and SmartThings staff have posted to the forums that support requests have spiked by the thousands in that period. There’s no obvious pattern based on the customer’s setup.

The same device may work twice, then fail 3 times, then work again.

SmartThings has had known problems with schedulers failing for over a year. It had a name in the forums “SSDS” (sudden scheduler death syndrome) and a very active thread about it. Things improved in that regard in August 2015. All the result of Backend platform changes. Nothing to do with any one person’s individual devices are configuration.

There was a major platform architecture change this week. That was the announced outage.

These problems started showing up right after that maintenance. That’s the pattern.

We went down the road of trying to figure out exactly which devices/smart app/requests/whatever might cause one individual to be affected when the next person was not doing all of the sunset time based outage is that occurred during SSDS. And it turned out to have nothing to do with the individual. It was a totally random game of musical chairs occurring in the cloud. If your system happen to be routed into an area of high traffic, you were more likely to have problems, but not guaranteed to have them.

In particular, if the fix for the problem, even if temporary, is to change something, anything, in the smartapp and save it, that’s actually telling you that the fix is to restart the scheduler in the cloud. Not specific to the device. Which means the only people who will be able to detect a pattern are the people who have access to the full cloud data: the SmartThings staff.

So while I would certainly encourage anyone to post about a specific pattern that they do see in their own home, like dimmers failing, which might be helpful information to others, I don’t think we’re going to get anywhere just trying to collect the 5,000 data points from the local installations as to who has harmony or not. That’s not the pattern that really matters here.

Here’s the link to the SSDS topic for those interested in that history.

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We’ve been saying that for some time. I had my sights on Fibaro Home Center. However, go to their forums and they have similar issues.

If or when you jump ship, please report back here so we can get off this life raft and join you.

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