Tiles missing in classic app under things

a bunch of my custom DTHs are showing as tiles missing. everything looks good in the IDE … no error in the logs.

did ST make any changes that could have caused this?


Could be. What DTH’s and when did it start?

after posting it found your post on another thread about new json parser having issues with integer in enum. so did a quick update of the DTH to change those to string and updated in the IDE but the those devices are still showing up as tiles missing. started sometime after last night.


note: entire dth is too large just posted up to the preferences section here.

edit: heres the original: https://github.com/adey/bangali/blob/master/devicetypes/bangali/rooms-occupancy.src/rooms-occupancy.groovy

*  A SmartThings device handler to allow handling rooms as devices which have states for occupancy.
*  Copyright (C) 2017 bangali
*  License:
*  This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU
*  General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
*  (at your option) any later version.
*  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the
*  implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License
*  for more details.
*  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program.
*  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
*  Attribution:
*	formatDuration(...) code by ady624 for webCoRE. adpated by me to work here. original code can be found at:
*		https://github.com/ady624/webCoRE/blob/master/smartapps/ady624/webcore-piston.src/webcore-piston.groovy
*  Name: Rooms Occupancy
*  Source: https://github.com/adey/bangali/blob/master/devicetypes/bangali/rooms-occupancy.src/rooms-occupancy.groovy

public static String version()      {  return "v0.27.5"  }
private static boolean isDebug()    {  return true  }

*  Version: 0.27.5
*   DONE:   5/2/2018
*   1) significant updates to documentation. latest on github: https://github.com/adey/bangali
*   2) turned down the delay between commands on hubitat
*   3) rooms can now be renamed which will also rename the device for the room.
*   4) updated text on input settings.
*   5) added button for occupied settings.
*   6) all buttons now flip between state for that button and if in that state already to checking state.
*   7) added push button support for hubitat dashboard.
*   8) swatted a bug here and a bug there.
*  Version: 0.26.0
*   DONE:   4/22/2018
*   1) added motion support for welcome home announcement.
*   2) added notification by color, this currently is not constrained by announce only hours settings.
*  Version: 0.25.0
*   DONE:   4/20/2018
*   1) get buttons working on hubitat.
*  Version: 0.21.0
*   DONE:   4/19/2018
*   1) mostly readme updates.
*  Version: 0.20.9
*   DONE:   4/15/2018
*   1) time today change for hubitat compatibility.
*  Version: 0.20.7
*   DONE:   4/14/2018
*   1) added a bunch of state variable for use with hubitat dashboard tiles.
*  Version: 0.20.5
*   DONE:   4/13/2018
*   1) changed message separator to '/' and added support for &is and &has.
*   2) added save and restore sound level when playing announcements.
*   3) restored lock only capability instead of using lock capability.
*   4) added support for lock state contact sensor by @BamaRayne.
*   5) added support for lock state switch and contact sensor to lock either on on/off or open/close by @BamaRayne.
*   6) added missing dot to nightSetCT range.
*  Version: 0.20.1
*   DONE:   4/11/2018
*   1) handle pause for hubitat.
*   2) adapt timeTodayAfter for hubitat compatibility.
*  Version: 0.20.0
*   DONE:   4/4/2018
*   1) change lock only to lock because hubitat does not support lock only capability.
*   2) add option for cooling / heating override in minutes.
*   3) added option to check room windoes before turning on cooling / heating.
*   4) cleaning up text in settings as i go along.
*   5) added option to not restore light level from dimming if room changes to vacant.
*   6) changed how auto level works by exposing by exposing as variables everything that used to be constant in the code.
*   7) added support for celsius values.
*   8) refactored a bunch of code and may have squashed a bug or two in the process.
*   9) refactored a bunch for hubitat compatibility.
*  Version: 0.17.4
*   DONE:   3/25/2018
*   1) removed option to selectively turn off night switches instead of turning off all when leaving ASLEEP state.
*   2) made fan control standalone from heating / cooling.
*   3) added option to turn night lights on when entering or exiting ASLEEP state.
*  Version: 0.17.2
*   DONE:   3/25/2018       FROM: @TonyFleisher
*   1) added option to selectively turn off night switches instead of turning off all when leaving ASLEEP state.
*   2) fixed a bug i introduced by turning on night switches instead of turning them off.
*  Version: 0.17.0
*   DONE:   3/24/2018
*   1) refactored engaged state check to be more consistent.
*   2) added fan support to temperature settings and rules.
*   3) changed how heating and cooling works in it that no longer turns off the thermostat only raises and lowers the
*       temperature and sets to cooling or heating mode but never turns off the thermostat.
*   4) added support for named holiday light strings which can be used in automation rules.
*   5) restructred the rules page a bit so not everything is on one page.
*   6) added speech synthesis device for using things for annoucements.
*   7) added random closing string to welcome and left home annoucements.
*  Version: 0.16.0
*   DONE:   3/15/2018
*   1) code refactoring for hubitat compatibility.
*   2) changed occupancy attribute to enum which allows for subscription to occupancy state while string dpes not.
        thanks @mark2k on ST community forum.
*   3) added default settings for wake and sleep time for level and kelvin calculation for 'AL' settings.
*  Version: 0.15.2
*   DONE:   3/5/2018
*   1) added support for icon URL setting for icon to display for each room.
*  Version: 0.15.0
*   DONE:   3/2/2018
*   1) added icons to main settings page for room.
*  Version: 0.14.6
*   DONE:   2/28/2018
*   1) added support for humidity sensor in rules.
*   2) added contact stays open notification.
*  Version: 0.14.4
*   DONE:   2/26/2018
*   1) added support for battery check and annoucement on low battery.
*  Version: 0.14.2
*   DONE:   2/25/2018
*   1) added setting for annoucement volume.
*   2) added support for outside door open/close announcement.
*  Version: 0.14.0
*   DONE:   2/25/2018
*   1) update device tiles to be more verbose.
*  Version: 0.12.7
*   DONE:   2/22/2018
*   1) added lock capability to put room in locked state through voice command.
*  Version: 0.12.6
*   DONE:   2/14/2018
*   1) added setting to pick state to be set when 'room device' switch turned on.
*  Version: 0.12.5
*   DONE:   2/11/2018
*   1) added setting for dim to level if no bulb is on in checking state.
*   2) added temperature offset between thermostat and room temperature sesnor.
*  Version: 0.12.2
*   DONE:   2/10/2018
*   1) added setting to require occupancy before triggering engaged state with power.
*   2) couple of bug fixes.
*  Version: 0.12.0
*   DONE:   2/8/2018
*   1) added alarm to rooms occupancy. tested somewhat. family kind of upset with me for random alarms going off :-(
*   2) sunrise & sunset now support offset in minutes. so if you always wanted sunrise -30 or sunset +30 now you can.
*  Version: 0.11.5
*   DONE:   2/5/2018
*   1) added setting for locked state timeout setting.
*   2) on motion active added check for power value to set room to engaged instead of occupied.
*   3) on occupied switch check power value to set room to engaged instead of occupied.
*   4) on contact close check for both occupied and checking state to set room to engaged.
*   5) for motion inactive with multiple motion sensors check all sensors for active before setting timer.
*  Version: 0.11.0
*   DONE:   2/1/2018
*   1) added support for time announce function. straightforward annoucement for now but likely to get fancier ;-)
*   2) added rule name to display in rules page.
*   3) added support for power value stays below a certain number of seconds before triggering engaged or asleep.
*   4) added support for vacant switch. except this sets room to vacant when turned OFF not ON.
*   5) changed speaker device to music player in the rooms setup.
*   6) added support in rules to control window shade.
*  Version: 0.10.7
*   DONE:   1/26/2018
*   1) added support for switch to set room to locked.
*   2) added support for random welcome home and left home messages. multiple messages can be specified delimited
*       by comma and one of them will be randomly picked when making the annoucement.
*   3) added support for switch to set room to asleep.
*  Version: 0.10.6
*   DONE:   1/24/2018
*   1) added support for power value to set room to asleep.
*  Version: 0.10.5
*   DONE:   1/23/2018
*   1) added rules support for maintaining temperature.
*  Version: 0.10.0
*   DONE:   1/18/2018
*   1) added one page easy settings for first time users.
*  Version: 0.09.9
*   DONE:   1/14/2018
*   1) added variable years to date filter.
*  Version: 0.09.8
*   MERGED:   1/12/2018
*   1) added switches for occupied state and corresponding settings by https://github.com/TonyFleisher.
*  Version: 0.09.7
*   DONE:   1/11/2018
*   1) addeed night switches control from device tiles indicators
*   2) added setting to keep room in engaged state based on continuous presence and not just presence change.
*   3) refactored how another room engaged works and checks for continuous presence before reseting room state.
*   4) added resetting of asleep state to engaged state reset. will probably make that an option later.
*   5) started work on adding thermostate to maintain room temperature. going to change this to use rules
*       which will require a significant change to how rules work so wanted to push everything else out before
*       starting the work to change maintain room temperature to use rules.
*   6) added another optimization when getting rules to allow getting conditions only.
*   7) move is busy check to motion handler instead of downstream.
*   8) added multiple rule processing with the following evaluation logic:
*       a) if matching rules have no lux and no time all of those rules will be executed.
*       b) if matching rules has lux the rule with the lowest lux value < current lux value will be
*           executed. if there are multiple matching rules with the same lux value all of them will be executed.
*       c) if matching rules has time all rules that match that current time will be executed.
*       d) if matching rules have lux and time the rule with the lowest lux value < current lux value and
*           matching time will be executed. if there are multiple matching rules with the same lux
*           value and matching time all of them will be executed.
*   9) timer indicator now uses minutes when time is over 60 seconds.
*   10) fixed a few small bugs here and there.
*  Version: 0.09.4
*   DONE:   12/30/2017
*   1) updated device tiles layout and added a bunch of indicators.
*   2) added checking state to room busy check.
*  Version: 0.09.2
*   DONE:   12/25/2017
*   1) added option to temporarily override motion timers with rules.
*   2) added support for button to set room to asleep.
*   3) added checks for interval processing of rules.
*   4) some optimizations and bug fix.
*  Version: 0.09.0
*   DONE:   12/23/2017
*   1) added color coding for temperature indicator. since ST does not allow device handler display to be conditional
*       for celcius color coding user will need to edit the DTH and uncomment the celcius section and comment the
*       Fahrenheit values.
*   2) added support for room AC and heater support to maintain room temperature. support for thermostat is coming.
*   3) moved all stanalone devices to their own settings page.
*   4) added setting to indiciate if contact sensor is on inside door or outside. e.g. contact sesnor on garage door
*       would be an outside door contact sesnor. this reverses the occupancy logic so when contact sensor is open
*       the door is engaged or occupied instead of when the door is closed.
*   5) added support for button to set room to vacant.
*   6) moved webCoRE_init call to the bottom of the updated() method.
*   7) couple of bug fixes.
*  Version: 0.08.6
*   DONE:   12/17/2017
*   1) added support for variable text for arrival and departure announcements.
*   2) added support for power level to set room to engaged.
*  Version: 0.08.5
*   DONE:   12/16/2017
*   1) added support for arrival and departure announcement.
*   2) added support for speaker control through rules and use of speaker to set a room to engaged.
*   3) bug fix to stop truncating temperature to integer.
*  Version: 0.08.3
*   DONE:   12/12/2017
*   1) added support for wake and sleep times to calculate level and color temperature.
*   2) added support to process rules every 15 minutes so switches state/level/color temperature is updated even
*       when there is no motion in room but there are switches on.
*   3) fix for continuous motion with motion sensor.
*  Version: 0.08.1
*   DONE:   12/10/2017
*   1) added support for auto level which automatically calculates light level and optionally color temperature to
*       to be set based on local sunrise and sunset times. this does not yet use circadian rhytym based calculation.
*  Version: 0.08.0
*   DONE:   12/8/2017
*   1) added support to reset room state from ENAGED or ASLEEP when another room changes to ENGAGED or ASLEEP
*   2) added support to reset room state when another room changes to ENGAGED or ASLEEP.
*   3) removed lux threshold support from main settings since this is now available under rules.
*   4) fixed presence indicator for device display.
*   5) added support for multiple engaged switches.
*   6) added undimming for lights.
*	7) added support for centigrade display.
*   8) added support for multiple presence sensors.
*   9) couple of bug fixes.
*  Version: 0.07.5
*   DONE:   12/5/2017
*   1) added support to reset room state from ENAGED or ASLEEP when another room changes to ENGAGED or ASLEEP
*   2) added right temperature scale support
*   3) fixed couple of bugs
*   4) added support for date filtering in rules
*  Version: 0.07.3
*   DONE:   12/2/2017
*   1) added support for executing piston instead of just turning on a light
*   2) added view all settings
*   3) added room device indicators to the room device so they can be seen in one place
*   4) added timer to room which counts down in increments of 5
*   5) some bug fixes.
*  Version: 0.07.0
*   DONE:   11/27/2017
*   1) instead of adding swtiches to individual settings created rules to allow switches to be turned on and off
*       and routines to be executed via this rule. VACANT state automatically turns of the switches the last rule
*       turned on unless user creates a rule for VACANT state in which case the automatic turning off of switches
*       on VACANT state is skipped instead the rules are checked and executed for the VACANT state.
*   2) some bug fixes.
*  Version: 0.05.9
*   DONE:   11/21/2017
*   1) changed name of 'occupancyStatus' to just 'occupancy' to be consistent with ST.
*   2) added switches to turn on and off when room chnages to asleep. switches set to turn on are also turned off
*           when room changes away from asleep.
*   2) some bug fixes.
*  Version: 0.05.8
*   DONE:   11/20/2017
*   1) Changed configuration pages
*  Version: 0.05.7
*   DONE:   11/20/2017
*   1) added support for room busy check and setting ENGAGED state based on how busy room is.
*   2) added support for arrival and/or departure action when using presence sensor.
*   3) some bug fixes.
*  Version: 0.05.5
*   DONE:   11/19/2017
*   1) added sleepSensor feature and corresponding settings by https://github.com/Johnwillliam.
*   2) some bug fixes.
*  Version: 0.05.2
*   DONE:   11/16/2017
*   1) changed from 10 to 12 device settings and added adjacent rooms to devices display.
*   2) some bug fixes.
*  Version: 0.05.1
*   DONE:   11/15/2017
*   1) added setting to select which days of week this rooms automation should run.
*  Version: 0.05.0
*   DONE:   11/13/2017
*   1) expanded the adjacent room settings. if you specify adjacent rooms you can choose 2 options:
*       i) if there is motion in an adjacent room you can force the current room to check for motion and on no
*           motion change room state to vacant.
*      ii) if there is motion in an adjacent room you can turn on lights in this room if it is currently vacant.
*           this allows for the adjacent rooms feature to be used as a light your pathway can kind of setup.
*   2) some bug fixes.
*  Version: 0.04.6
*   DONE:   11/12/2017
*   1) bug fixes around contact sensors.
*  Version: 0.04.5
*   DONE:   11/10/2017
*   1) revamped device details screen. if users dont like it will revert back.
*   2) when swiches are turned off because lux rose or is outside of time window added settings to turn off both
*           group of switches instead of just switches off.
*   3) added option to change state directly from engaged to vacant without moving to checking state.
*	4) removed last event from status message.
*  Version: 0.04.3
*   DONE:   11/8/2017
*   1) added last event to status message.
*   2) added concept of adjacent rooms that you can select in room settings. setting does not do anything yet :-)
*  Version: 0.04.2
*   DONE:   11/6/2017
*   1) added setting option to allow timeout from last motion active or on motion inactive. if motion has a long timeout
*           this will allow the lights to turn off quicker. but be aware motion sensor may show motion due to long
*           timeout while room indicates its vacant.
*  Version: 0.04.1
*   DONE:   11/3/2017
*   1) added support for time window to turn on/off switches when between those times. this works with other settings
*           as well. like if lux is specified both the lux setting and the time setting have to be true for switches
*           to be turned on or off.
*  Version: 0.04
*   DONE:   11/3/2017
*   1) added support for presence sensor to change room state to engaged when present. when presence sensor is not
*           present the room automation should work normally.
*   2) added support for modes which when set cause all automation to be bypassed if location is any of those modes.
*  Version: 0.03.7
*   DONE:   11/1/2017
*   1) added support for contact sensor. when contact sensor changes to closed room will be set to checking state.
*           if there is no motion afterwards room will be set to vacant. if there is motion, room will be set to
*           engaged which stops room automation from kicking in till the contact is opened again.
*           when contact sensor changes to open room will be set to checking state so automation can resume again.
*           the only exception to this is home changing to away in which case room will be set to vacant.
*   2) when contact sensor is specified but no motion sensor is specified room will be changed to engaged when
*           contact sensor closes.
*   3) if there is a motion sensor specified but no motion timeout value then room will be changed to vacant when
*           motion sensor becomes inactive and room is in occupied or checking state.
*   4) added engaged switch which when turned on will mark the room as engaged to stop automation. this gets a
*           little tricky when both engaged switch and contact sensor is defined. the contact sensor changing to
*           open will reset the state back to checking. but if there is subsequent motion in the room within the
*           timeout period the room will be set to occupied. or if the door is closed again and there is subsequent
*           motion in the room within the timeout period the room will be set to engaged stopping automation.
*   5) added lights control with lux for engaged state.
*   6) added button push to toogle room state between engaged and checking when room state is already engaged.
*  Version: 0.03.5
*   DONE:   10/29/2017
*   1) added support for setting level and/or color temperature for turning on switches. these will be set for
*           those devices in the turn on switchs list that support it.
*   2) since motion inactive timeout can vary so widely amongst different brands of motion sensors chose not to
*           use motion inactive event and instead timeout on motion active event for predictable user experience.
*   3) added support for dimming before turning off light.
*   4) added support for color setting which takes preference over color temperature if the switch supports it.
*   5) fixed small bugs.
*  Version: 0.03.1
*   DONE:   10/27/2017
*   1) added support for lux sensor and lux value. if these values are specified:
*       a) if lux value falls <= that value and switches on are selected those switches will be turned on.
*       b) if lux value rises > that value and switches off are selected those switches will be turned off.
*       c) switches on with motion will be turned on only when lux value is <= that value.
*   2) fixed small bugs.
*  Version: 0.03
*   DONE:
*   1) added new states do not disturb and asleep, on user demand. these have button value of 7 and 8 respectively.
*	2) locked and kaput moved below the fold and replaced on-screen with do not disturb and asleep respectively.
*   3) cleaned up settings display.
*   4) changed roomOccupancy to occupancyStatus. sorry for the compatibility breaking change. by user demand.
*   5) updated some interstitial text.
*   6) if no motion sensor specified but there is a timeout value >= 5 and turn off switches specified, those
*            switches will be switched off after timeout seconds if room is vacant.
*	7) added new engaged state, on user demand. this button has a button value of 9 respectively.
*   8) if room state changes any pending actions are cancelled.
*  Version: 0.02
*   DONE:
*	0) Initial commit.
*   1) added support for multiple away modes. when home changes to any these modes room is set to vacant but
*            only if room is in occupied or checking state.
*   2) added subscription for motion devices so if room is vacant or checking move room state to occupied.
*   3) added support for switches to be turned on when room is changed to occupied.
*   4) added support for switches to be turned off when room is changed to vacant, different switches from #3.
*   5) added button push events to tile commands, where occupied = button 1, ..., kaput = button 6 so it is
*           supported by ST Smart Lighting smartapp.

import groovy.transform.Field

@Field final String _SmartThings = 'ST'
@Field final String _Hubitat     = 'HU'

metadata {
	definition (
    	name: "rooms occupancy",
        namespace: "bangali",
        author: "bangali")		{
		capability "Actuator"
		capability "Button"
//		capability "PushableButton"		// hubitat changed `Button` to `PushableButton`  2018-04-20
		capability "Sensor"
		capability "Switch"
		capability "Beacon"
		capability "Lock Only"
//		capability "Lock"		// hubitat does not support `Lock Only` 2018-04-07
		attribute "occupancy", "enum", ['occupied', 'checking', 'vacant', 'locked', 'reserved', 'kaput', 'donotdisturb', 'asleep', 'engaged']
		attribute "alarmEnabled", "boolean"
		attribute "alarmTime", "String"
		attribute "alarmDayOfWeek", "String"
		attribute "alarmRepeat", "number"
		attribute "alarmSound", "String"
		attribute "countdown", "String"
		command "occupied"
        command "checking"
		command "vacant"
        command "locked"
		command "reserved"
		command "kaput"
		command "donotdisturb"
		command "asleep"
		command "engaged"
//		command "push"		// for use with hubitat useful with dashbooard 2018-04-24
		command "turnOnAndOffSwitches"
		command "turnSwitchesAllOn"
		command "turnSwitchesAllOff"
		command "turnNightSwitchesAllOn"
		command "turnNightSwitchesAllOff"
		command "alarmOffAction"
		command "updateOccupancy", ["string"]

	simulator	{

	preferences		{
		section("Alarm settings:")		{
			input "alarmDisabled", "bool", title: "Disable alarm?", required: true, multiple: false, defaultValue: true
			input "alarmTime", "time", title: "Alarm Time?", required: false, multiple: false
			input "alarmVolume", "number", title: "Volume?", description: "0-100%", required: (alarmTime ? true : false), range: "1..100"
			input "alarmSound", "enum", title:"Sound?", required: (alarmTime ? true : false), multiple: false,
								options: [[AS1:"Bell 1"], [AS2:"Bell 2"], [AS3:"Dogs Barking"], [AS4:"Fire Alarm"], [AS5:"Piano"], [AS6:"Lightsaber"]]
			input "alarmRepeat", "number", title: "Repeat?", description: "1-999", required: (alarmTime ? true : false), range: "1..999"
			input "alarmDayOfWeek", "enum", title: "Which days of the week?", required: false, multiple: false, defaultValue: null,
								options: [[ADW0:"All Days of Week"],[ADW8:"Monday to Friday"],[ADW9:"Saturday & Sunday"],[ADW2:"Monday"], \
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Same for me on my own custom Minimote DTHs (two different handlers). All my other custom handlers are fine.

Selecting the thing brings up a blank device page.

Noticed it just today.

Having the same issue. Just started some time during the night. Effecting my Aeotec Gen5 energy monitor. Using the classicgod DTH. The unit is still paired and online. As its reporting to action tiles via smartings correctly. Also google sheets is being updated. So just not showing in the devices. Only tiles missing

I also got Tiles missing here. Fibaro motion sensors (fgms-001 zw5 v3.2) i’ve got the Tiles missing yesterday. But its only on the mobile app. Its ok in dht.

Same for me on my mihome thermostats 4 tiles missing and they dont show in the things list… strangely the sockets wall plugs are fine
Thing is on the IDE loginh its still refreshing ever 5min as it should, just no tile and no way of controlling
Deleted one in the IDE and then readded it, now avail

Same here. Tiles missing on three of my aeon labs minimotes. I haven’t made any changes or added any new zwave items in months. Love smarthings and my automated home. Classic app crashes from time to time on my android phone but I’m used to that. So something went wrong somewhere on STs end. Please help!!

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it might be some thing to do with preferences on the DH with the issue the type is blank on the device preferences. but i cant see a difference between a working DH and the one that dosent

I had the same issue. This morning 4 of my simulated switches were “tile missing” - they appear fine in IDE.

Mine is now back :grin::grin::grin:

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As are mine.

mine are, but can you change the icon??

That’s going to depend on the handler for the device. Not all are coded to allow it.

If you’re referring to one that did allow it before and now doesn’t I can’t comment. In my case the devices in question never allowed icon updates.

mine did but don’t now

Mine are back too and have all icons.

Likely the enums. I don’t think it supports nested options and I don’t see quotes around your strings.

It should look like:

options: [“AS1”:“Bell 1”, “AS2”:“Bell 2”, “AS3”:“Dogs Barking”, “AS4”:“Fire Alarm”, “AS5”:“Piano”, “AS6”:“Lightsaber”]

EDIT: This applies to all the preferences that use enum

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Yep, ST has turned off the new parser for now but it’s recommended to fix the DTH’s enum options

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thank you … yeah rush job missed those. :slight_smile:

btw do you know if this will affect DTHs only? the apps didnt seem to have an issue with enum keys being integer.

my tiles are back too … wife was driving me nuts because she uses the app to set room to asleep.