Fibaro multi-sensor device handler tiles missing

Hi, Iam a new user for SmartThings with a bit of a dev. background.

I got myself a new Fibaro Multisensor and added the device handler

Now the error “Tiles missing” comes up.
I can’t seem to find the exact problem here, anyone who can help me out?

Thanks, sorry if this is an utter noob question haha.

I noticed five “Tiles Missing” things in the Android mobile app today. Aeon HEM devices, Minimote, and Plantlink DTHs all broken. Searching this forum reveals this is not uncommon and triggered by ST platform updates.

When I get time I’ll try to update the custom DTHs and delete and re-add the things.

Since you said you are new, heads up, stuff breaks like this on SmartThings quite frequently. I have to fix one thing or another almost every week.

Hi Dlee,

Thanks for your quick reply and your help.
Any clue Why they are making changes like this so often if it breaks so much?

not just your fibaro see this thread

I’ll see, what needs to be adjusted in the config to make it work again?