Tiles/icons path and file names

(Todd Wackford) #1

I don’t know if this has been posted before, sorry if it has…

What is the path and file names for the all the different tiles/icons?

Thanks in advance,

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(Dan Lieberman) #2

@wackware – Unfortunately, we don’t have a generally available resource that lists these out yet. It’s on the backlog, and I hope that we’ll get to it very soon. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a specific icon or three, let me know and I can get you the paths.

(Todd Wackford) #3

In parent directory type “ls -lrt > to_todd.txt”. T


(Dan Lieberman) #4

@wackware - They’re actually stored in S3 buckets to which I don’t have direct access. If you have specific icon requests, I can get the paths for you. Another option is to use canChangeIcon: true in your tile definition - then you can pick the icon from within the mobile app. For example:

standardTile("myDevice", "device.myDeviceIcon", canChangeIcon: true)
    state "default", label: "", action: "refresh"

This can only be done for the main tile.

(Andrew Urman) #5

Dan is correct. The icons are metadata pulled when needed. All of our current icons currently live in our S3 server which can be accessed one by one.

In the mean time you can use Dan’s work around. We use that internally now as well since we don’t have a built out method of looking them all up.

(Todd Wackford) #6


Thanks for the replies. I’ll give it a poke later when I get the chance.


(Brian Steere) #7

I discovered there is an API call to get a list of all the icons: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/api/devices/icons

I’ve created a page that will show all the available icons and their names: http://scripts.3dgo.net/smartthings/icons.php

If the people at SmartThings would prefer I not keep the page available, I can take it down. But I think it is pretty useful for developers.

(Jordan Rejaud) #8


Your list and page are brilliant, thank you so much.

(Chrisb) #9

What I wanna know though, is why we can’t access the ‘Holiday’ section when changing icons. I had to use the pine tree icon from the ‘outdoor’ section. :frowning:

Also, is there anyway to create custom icons?

(Alex King) #10

Thanks Dianoga!

(Jordan Rejaud) #11

Hi Dianoga,

I wrote a post where I attempted to explain and centralize a lot of the Arduino + SmartThings forums floating around in the documentation and the forum: http://build.smartthings.com/forums/topic/unofficial-smartthings-arduino-documentation-collection/

I linked to your page with all your icons and names as I found it extremely helpful :slight_smile:

(Jon Allsebrook) #12

Sorry to resurrect this old thread but I am trying to increase the WAF now I have around 20 things on the system (including virtual tiles etc) and I really need to make the 'Thing’s section of the app easier for people to use and recognize the what tile is what.

My goal is to use icons I have bought (for example this set https://creativemarket.com/Marish/30352-216-Flat-vector-icons-bundle) and to replace the tile images (that you can alter using the stock images included in the app which I understand are on the st S3 server) with some that I find easier and more appealing (my taste isn’t everyones taste…).

So I can see there is a solution via @twack et al but I was wondering can we change it so the device uses the canChangeBackground: true command in the code for the device so you can pick an image from the camera roll like you can with the presence devices?

I suspect it means I would have to manually add all of the devices as I would need to create custom ones for each but is it possible, or is it even possible to edit the code of existing devices?

Hopefully someone will point me in the right direction as I think giving us more flexibilty on changing tile appearances would be a good step forward!



(Todd Wackford) #13


To my knowledge, ST does not let you use your own icons. Hopefully this is something that can be allowed in the future. I have been wanting it for a while. Maybe we can get them to have some sort of icon/tile submission process. Maybe put in a enhancement request to support.


(Jon Allsebrook) #14

@twack thanks for the quick reply… I guess a potential simple solution for them would be to allow you to change the icon the same way as you can change it in the mobile presence tiles right now by changing the Device Image in the preferences of the tile and either choosing from stock icons or choosing from the iPhone/Android phones photo library.

Can I go in and edit the code of current devices using the IDE and try and add the canChangeBackground: true command which I think is what gives the presence tiles the option to look at the photos on the device or am I over simplifying it and would need to create all new custom devices?

(Jon Allsebrook) #15

Ok I just tried it using a custom device type (a switch) and the canChange Icon part replaced with canChangeBackground: true gives me the option in that tile to pick an icon/photo from my phones image library.

I will play with it a little more and hope someone from ST chimes in with a potential way to do this across the board!

(Todd Wackford) #16


That’s a pain, but yes it will work. Problem now is that your devices will not get updates if ST updates the master device file. (ARG). I’d poke ST to have a custom icon/tile submission process with a repository that tacks onto the existing icon/tile pool. My cents anyway.


(Jon Allsebrook) #17

Ok this is what I have done to get the results shown in the screen cap below -

Not entirely sure this is the right way to go about it but it seems to work…the on/off state isn’t as visible as with the green/white standard version but thats something I think I can work on with a different format of the icon (you can still see the on off words) or maybe even stopping the background color change but am sure someone can come up with some suggestions who does UI design!

So I created a custom device type (in this case a z-wave switch) and swopped out the canChange Icon For canChangeBackground which gives under preferences the ability to choose an image from the camera roll rather than the built in icons.

Then I went in an changed the device type of one of my z-wave switches to the custom one I just created.

Voila I can change the image on the tile to one I want pretty easily! You can see the result in the image below (just used a coffee cup as an example!)

Any thoughts,comments,improvements on this method would love to hear them!

(Jon Allsebrook) #18

Ahhhhh @twack I just saw your message about the master device file which I didn’t know about but yeah I can see that being a pain!

I will give support a poke about somehow adding this into the preferences with some kind of guidelines on what the icon size and format
should be!

I am guessing that what you say also reflects on items where I have added them in as a custom device such as the utilitech siren so they won’t be updated but then again they are not ‘official’ so until they are added to the master file will remain so?

Thanks for your comments!

(Todd Wackford) #19


One thing that you could do is use “groups” and then customize the icon for the group which is already built-in to ST. This gives the room or set of functionality a context with the icon/tile and its grouping. Then the devices within the group will still be tied to the master version.


(Matt) #20

Thank you @Dianoga for your list of icons. I updated my virtual switch device type to two different ones so I could manually specify icons since you still can’t change them in app.