PETITION: ST please add ability to upload/use your own icons for devices!

For years I have found the selection of device icons to be meager, and given ST has bigger fish to fry, we will likely not see any progress on this (small) front for a long time. A great way to mitigate this issue would be to enable using your own icons, just like it is possible for Rooms, also for devices.

Nowadays online petitions are very popular so I figured I’d try one here.


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Icons I am referring to are these:

It’s been suggested by ST staff here that Community posts are not an influencer on product enhancements (or perhaps minimally).

The recommended approaches:

  1. Email
  2. Post review of App on Play Store and Apple App Store
  3. Post review on Amazon.

Reviews not need be negative - Just objectively point our your wishlist or specific unresolved bug or whatever.

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I guess I can do both, but a POLL/PETITION is by far easier for everyone to participate in especially for such an ‘apparently’ small/simple request.

@tgauchat - Next POLL will be to petition ST to give you a zillion dollars to add ActionTiles to ST! :smiley:


Do you mean using your own icons for DTH’s you’re building?

@johnconstantelo - no, those can already be customized. I mean the ones of standard DTHs like a light switch.

So you mean ST’s stock DTH’s that only give the standard icons, ok. I would agree that the icon library needs updated, but there are workarounds that can be a little tedious but will still work.

@anon36505037 - yes, I was aware of the possible code changes but that is by far excessive for such a simple thing… Would be better if it were a standard feature. I would guess that the majority of ST users are not programmers although they might end up becoming one after getting deep into the ST ecosystem :wink:

This is probably the better option because customizing the DTH will cause any local running devices to now run in the cloud.


FYI - I recently updated (put in pull requests) for a bunch of stock devices and one of the things I added was the ability to change icons. Most of my PR’s were merged a little over a week ago and went live yesterday or the day before. So recheck some of your devices. Like the stock Ecobee remote sensor now lets you change the icon (, the SmartSense temperature/humidity sensor now lets you offset humidity and change the icon (, etc. I know its not uploading a custom one but at least more devices allow you to change the icon so its a start. You can always put in pull requests off the SmartThings public github and your reasoning why…they do read them and commit ones that makes sense (I had 25+ in the last update).


@vseven - It seems I do not have any of those devices as most do not allow me to change the icon. The ones that do just allow me to pick from the narrow selection ST makes available.

ALL - I understand there are hacks to address this limitation but I would like us to encourage ST to provide an easy way of changing any device icon, whether it be a custom device or a standard ST provided DTH. I also understand there may be issues with some DTHs requiring more than one icon to represent its status (i.e.: water leak sensors) or issues with overall architecture making things harder than they seems… In any case, anything more than status quo would be good.

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Maybe as a in between step just getting more standard icons added would be nice. There are a ton of icons that can be hard coded into a DTH but not available when we do a “Change Icon”. For example there are all the “standard” icons available that was linked above ( but there are a lot more then just that. Like I think this is still the most current full list:

and the same user gave out the full paths to the icons in his GitHub:

There are some in the above lists I would love to use but I don’t want nor should have to create a custom device to make it happen, even if its temporary. I should be able to just select it.


Would love to see better ST native Device icon support for this. Yes, there are work arounds for some scenarios, but not all. Using uploaded backgrounds don’t work for the Favorites panel…and you can’t change the code for many natively supported ST devices. Very stupid that in this day and age they have at least emedded the simple code ‘canChangeIcon: true’ and ‘canChangeBackground: true’ in their embedded device handlers.