Is there a list of icon images and links?


When I write a smart app there are icons that are generally referenced in the beginning of the code with lines like…
iconUrl: “

I’m pretty sure that these are auto-generated if you write your code from a template based on the category you choose for your smart app to be listed as.
Is there a place where I can see all of the possible icon images (and http address links) so that I can choose the one that I like best?

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This is a pretty old post but it pointed me to most of the default icons.


That is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Thank you!


Here are some.

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Man this list needs new icons

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Off topic, are custom tile icons a thing? Soley for the ST app .


Agreed. But don’t sweat. There are new ones coming right after they enable Bluetooth in the hub which is right behind the introduction of entry delay for SHM.

Icons are hard you know. :roll_eyes:


You can set your own image for a device by temporarily changing the device type to an arrival sensor which allows you to set your own image as the icon then you can set the device type back to what it was and I believe the image sticks. PIA but it works.

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Welp thank you sir very much! Will try tonight!

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Also a local hub node.js server capability since we’re having a developer meeting.