ThirdReality Sensors (Motion and Contact) stopped working - Can't find when trying to reinstall

Hi there. I have many ThirdReality Sensors which have been working for a while. Yesterday, however, at about 3:37om in the afternoon, they are shown as connected, but are not reporting any change of status. (Motion Detected/Not Detected or Door Open/Close. My ThirdReality buttons are continuing to work great.

I deleted the devices in SmartThings, but they are not detected (either by Scanning or selecting ThirdReality devices). I have even tried the Beta Channel drivers. Still can’t be detected.

Any ideas what could have happened? No changes on the network, etc.


Were they using an old style Device Handler or an Edge Driver before they stopped working? If they were using a Device Handler, I would guess that they were migrated to an Edge Driver that was not compatible.

If you were using a custom Device Handler you will need to remove it before you can pair them with an Edge Driver.

The trick is you will need to reset the devices and get them into pairing mode.

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hi im using the edge driver and mine are still there ,so far