Status of Third reality motion sensors

I am using Third reality motion sensors with a smart things hub. I am unable to see the correct status of the motion sensor in all cases. For example if I remove the batteries from one of the sensors, the status I see on the smart things app is ‘motion detected’ and this remains forever. So this is the last known status of the sensor when I took out the batteries, the motion sensor detected me approaching and as such ‘motion detected’. When I removed the batteries, I expect the sensor to show offline, which it does not. The only time I see it offline is if I power off the hub, in which case the hub and all attached sensors show offline. I am using a Aeotec smart things hub. Anyone has any experience with a similar configuration. Would appreciate your help.

That makes sense, as you are cutting the power to the device after it triggers, so it’s reset timer can’t complete and leaves it as appearing as ‘motion detected’.


I use Third Reality motion sensors and Ikea Tradfri motion sensors.

I did a test with both sensors; trigger and pull the batteries.

The Third Reality sensor remains in the ‘motion detected’ state until the battery is reinstalled (i cover the sensor so it doesnt trigger again).

The Ikea Tradfri motion sensors do reset even without batteries. I don’t think I have any extra settings enabked to clear the Tradfri sensor.

Both sensors are using the same Edge driver and have the same routine defined for them.

Yes It have.
The ikea sensor has its own subdriver and it has a timer code to reset the activated state and emit the deactivated motion event.

The sensor only emits the activated state and the driver, with this timer, deactivates it without the sensor intervening in the process.

However, I have seen that the firmware software that detects the offline status of devices only works well if the device is in the disabled state.

I explain. A zigbee bulb if I turn off the bulb with the app and then remove the power with the physical switch, it goes offline correctly in a few minutes.

If I remove the power from the bulb when it is ON in the app, then never will show offline and stay always in the ON state. @nayelyz

You can try to remove the battery from the sensor when the state is motion not detected, see if it goes offline in a while.

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