Things Quiet Down?

I frequently visit our neighbors homes, as well as my mother in law around the block all within my geofence and forget to manually put the house in Away mode. I know there used to be a smartapp called “Things Quiet Down” to automatically sense if someone is home or not. What is the best way to accomplish this now? I know I can do something in Rule Machine, but it would get quite complex. I currently have door locks, door sensors, switches, Nest thermostats (that go into away mode) and Nest Protects. Is there a smartapp I can choose that can monitor these devices and put the house in away mode?

I don’t think it would be that difficult to do in Rule Machine, depending upon your exact requirements. There is even a thread devoted to providing programming assistance:

As for “Things Quiet Down,” it’s still available as part of Routines configuration (under “Additional settings”).

Thanks! Completely forgot about the routine option and it’s exactly what I need!

I use RM I have rule setup so when mine and my wife’s phones are both out of the geo area ST then turns all lights off , turns off all devices like Sonos ,Tvs ect
And Locks all doors and turns on the security alarm . Works pretty good

Thanks, but my situation is a little different as I am still in the geofence area (right across the street), so my logic needs to examine inside sensors. However, ST has this logic built in as part of Routines which I failed to realize when I originally posted my question.

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