Daisy Chained "When Things Quiet Down"

(Dave Temkin) #1

Hi all,

I’ve got a perhaps unique situation - in my vacation home, I’ve got four modes. Home, Away, Extended Away, and Night.

I use “Things Quiet Down” with a bunch of motion sensors to flip into Away Mode when there hasn’t been motion in 45 minutes. This turns off lights, sets the thermostat to a reasonable temporary away temperature, and makes sure the doors are locked.

I created a second “Things Quiet Down” with a timeout of 360 minutes to flip to “Extended Away”, a mode I created. This does all of the above but also sets the thermostat to a much different temperature (high/low depending on the season) and a few other things.

It doesn’t seem like the Extended TQD ever gets triggered. Is it possible to stack them like that? Does the timer reset whenever it hits 45 minutes and then just doesn’t fire again because there hasn’t been any motion in the interim?

(Tim Slagle) #2

Any mode restrictions on the phrase? If so, is the mode allowed to operate in the mode where the “stop motion event” would trigger?

(Dave Temkin) #3

No, it’s allowed to fire in all modes except Home (which makes sense, as it would progress from Home->Away->Extended Away).

(Dave Temkin) #4

Of interest, it flipped into Away mode from my manually set Extended Away mode due to hitting the 45 minute timer (forgot to exclude it), so it works in that direction, at least.