Rule Machine - "Things Quiet Down" Function?

Looking to use Rule Machine to replicate the functionality of routine’s “things quite down” functionality. I can figure out the other conditions in looking for, but not sure how to best create the condition of there being no activity at a motion sensor for X minutes? I could be missing something obvious, but it seems I’ll need to chain some different rules together?

Condition: motion inactive
Action: delay these actions by X min (with cancel on thruth change enabled)

Thanks. I was probably over complicating the logic in my head. I’ll give that a whirl. Thanks!

Does this look right? Basically I am trying to detect an empty house after my dog walker leaves…

Looks good to me, one thing you might want to consider, is moving the Home mode as restriction and not condition.

Good call. Thanks for the hand holding. Starting to move all my custom apps to RM.

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That’s what many of us did, but I would personally hold off on any major changes, until the recent platform issues are resolved…


Been away… Recent platform issues?