Things are still wonky

(Rick S) #1

So I have a basic rule that turns on a light at 5:44am, sets the dimmer and then turns it off at 7:00am. Yesterday I found the AM setting for both had been changed to PM. OK updated that. This morning the light came on at 5:44, set the dimmer, then repeated the full routine again then turned off the light all in less than a minute. I know the light came initially as I was awake when it did and it’s 1 min before my alarm goes off

Then 1 minute later I have a rule that checks for the door being opened to turn on/off lights, the recent logs shows it ran about 7 times in the next 90 mins, then another rule ran 4 more times after that

In the IDE, the log entries don’t go back far enough like they used to. 200 entries is max and that got me to about 5 mins short of the time in question

Where to start?

(Tim Slagle) #2

Is this smart lighting or rule machine?

(Bobby) #3

My lights went berzerk at 5pm and lasted for at least 30 min. We went out at 5:30 and the lights were still acting up and we came back at 7:30 and the lights were ok.

All Smart Lighting, all local.

this one the daytime 99% stops at sunset and night 30% starts at sunset. Looks like my hub thought it was day and night at the same time…

this one should run after sunset, it started about 3 hours earlier

(Rick S) #4

My recent log looks like yours

It’s a RM rule


(Tim Slagle) #5

OK, I have seen other reports of this and reported it internally. I’ll try and report back soon when I find out more.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #6


In the logging screen, if you choose 200, and scroll to the bottom it will load the next 200.

(Rick S) #7

Sorry, mine won’t load the next 200, that is what I am used to but no luv


(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #8

I’ve been watching my entire system like a a fat kids guarding a box of chocolate covered twinkies… and I can’t find anything doing anything wrong at all… Everything is literally running exactly the way it is supposed.

My night mode even change correctly this evening.

(Rick S) #9

My mode changed this AM on time :slight_smile:

This is what I see in my “recent” log, specifically at 6:50pm on my phone for a light that was triggered by a RM rule

Other than that, my other rules seem to be doing OK


(Ed) #10

Have the same problem with one (of 3 which gets turned on/off as a set) of my lights within rule machine. Cannot fathom what the hell is wrong as I do t have any other rules acting on it.

(Dale C) #11

LOL now that is funny! :smiley: