Smart Lighting Issue?

Hi all. So yesterday and today I have noticed that Smart Lighting seems to be not so smart. I have a rule that runes a scene 5 minutes before sunset. Its been running it like 30 to 40 minutes before hand. Address is correct in the App so no idea why. Was on vacation 10 days prior so I do not know when this started. Day before yesterday at least.

I am sure that somebody more expert than me will reply but …
Please make sure that your rules/routines are in the ‘Smart lighting’ edge smartapp (lower case ‘l’) rather than the ‘Smart Lighting’ groovy smartapp (upper case ‘L’).
The former is the future; the latter is going away.

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If you are using the latest Rules based ‘Smart lighting’ then that sounds rather like a bug that I’ve been suffering for the last year and a half using the Rules API directly. The sunrise and sunset times aren’t updating daily in a cloud executing Rules.

As it changes by a minute or two a day it can take a while to notice and it isn’t easy to check as the app History is only really useful for very recent events when it comes to automations. If you try to find an event from a few hours ago you are scrolling for such a long time that the data refreshes on you.

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Using the correct App. “Smart lighting”. Thanks :slight_smile:

Great… I tried contacting Samsung through the App but it never seems to get to the right area and I get a a PFO reply. Sigh. Worked fine until the new late and great platform. May have to just recreate as a Routine.

For what it’s worth, I’ve converted most of my Smart Lighting (old version) automations to Routines.

In the pre-edge architecture, Smart Lighting was able to run simple automations locally if the devices qualified.

In the current architecture Routines also can run locally. Automations and Routines both count towards your 2000 Routines limit. And Routines have the advantage of being visible in the Routines tab of the device details display in the app while Smart lighting automations are not.

All that said, I don’t think a Routine that references sunrise or sunset will run locally. I have a Routine that turns on some outside lights at sunset which has been flawless.

Mine do.

As far as I can tell a rule using sunrise / sunset will be run in the cloud, and then they don’t update. Thank goodness for Marianos’ virtual calendar.

Mine was not local but I just did the name-edit trick and it now is local! Was sure I’d tried that recently with no change.

But it does seem that actions involving scenes or lighting groups still have to run in the cloud.