Does anyone / can anyone advise which thermostats have been defnetively tested to function with ST and to what extent of functionality?
Thank you.

I am using the Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007. I have what I would consider full functionality (i.e. control over everything that can be controlled over z-wave), although I can only vouch for the iOS app and not the Android version. For point of comparison, there is nothing I could do with the thermostat with the Vera that I can’t do with ST.


Could you list what functions that you can control? Also, have you any apps utilizing this device? Oh, and one more; what do think is the biggest benefit with ST and the thermostat being connected?

With Android I can control the fan (On, Auto) and mode (Heat, Cool, Off). Setting a temp is not possible yet with Android.

As for the biggest benefit… I’m not sure. During the winter I may us it more to control temp based on when people are home or not. I always planned to use it to turn on or off when I’m on vacation.

Setting heat and cool temps both work fine with the iOS app.

I have had it nearly a year (used with a previous z-wave controller) and I haven’t used as much as it thought I would. It is great being able to check the temperature and turn it up so we can walk into a nice toasty house in the winter. I have set it up to turn down when no one is home but that feature doesn’t get used much since my wife works from home.

Another side benefit is that works as a nice centrally located z-wave repeater. I have never had problems with z-wave items being out of range.

Thanks Blake!

I too find my actual uses differ from my original thoughts when I first hook up a device. Real world scenarios is what shows the value or non-value of these things.

Your feedback is very appreciated.