Best z-wave thermostat

What do you guys think? Preferably ST’s compatible

Interesting question. I do have a z-wave thermostat installed. But for some reason the first thing that I thought of wasn’t what brand or model is the best… I imagine that they all work well. There are going to be price differences and there may be some differences in performance, such as does the device drop off the network. So far mine does not. But beyond that they are all going to work the same. Turn up the temp and the heater turns on. Turn the temp down and the A.C. kicks in. The software displays the temperature. They are all going to be the same as far as the software on your phone is concerned, doing the things I just mentioned. If the device can do something else but the software does not yet support it, then oh well. In other words, the software keeps them all the same.

That being said, I think you can get a pretty good model for fairly cheap compared to other models. Mine was on the low end of price. But one thing I did like about mine was the ability to “tune” the temperature on the thermostat. If it displayed 65 degrees but the temp was really 68, I could adjust the thermostat to the correct temp. It allowed me a 5 degree swing (I think it was 5) either way up or down. I do not know if that’s a standard feature on others or not, but I am glad mine has it because I did use it. That’s not something that the ST software supported, but why would it if the hardware already does it…

The physical looks of the thermostat was kind of important to me at the time but is not now. I never touch it, never walk over to it… I do everything from my phone. It could be a pink Hello Kitty thermostat now for all I care.

So in closing I say just get the one you want. For the record I have a CT30 by 2gig. Is it the best one? I was for me.

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