Thermostat - Trane TZEMT524AA21MA

This is my 1st post on this site, and I haven’t found an answer (yet).

Has anyone figured out a better interface for the Trane TZEMT524AA21MA thermostat? I purchased a new home that came with this unit. The “deal” with this new home is that they give you a free year of Nexia service, then it’s $9.99/mo after. Being the cheapskate that I am, I immediately dove into the ST v2 hub to save myself money in the long run.

My issue with this particular unit (or the way I set it up) is the arrow that you need to drag to set the temperature, and it doesn’t always land on the # you’re aiming for. If there was just a simple + and - button, that would make things a little less frustrating.

Thanks for your help.

Give this device type a try:

let me guess, you bought a Lennar home? I just used the device type linked above for my XR524 and like it much better

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You guys are awesome!

@jaimeb83 @zj4x4 @prjct92eh2,

I’m a bit biased to this one. :wink: You can adjust settings in small increments, or use the slider for larger changes. Instead of toggling through each setting, there are dedicated buttons:

Code: (should work without any modifications)

Also, iOS may render the bottom 6 tiles just a bit differently than on Android (pictured), but that’s easily fixed by setting the height and width to the same value, which should be 3.

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Hello -

I have a trane XL 524 thermostat. Can’t seem to integrate this thing accurately with smartthings. I have added the customer controller and the smart app listed above - just a bunch of blank stuff on the screen when i try access it - not able to control anything…

suggestions…i don’t need anything fancy - just adjust temp and fan and mode. I have the nexia bridge, but would like to consolidate to one application for all things smart.

I have tried generic z-wave thermo - nothing, i have tried the “better thermo” - nothing - i have tried just about everything, but can’t get an accurate way to control this thermostat.

Any and all help appreciated.


Is your thermostat still linked to Nexia? You may need to un-enroll it from Nexia so you can add it to SmartThings.

I never used my Nexia box that came with my new home, so I didn’t run into any problems.

Did you fix this? I plan to buy a Trane 524 and is interested to know the status of your integration.

No. I gave up.

:frowning: . I ordered one, let me see how it goes.

I have a Trane XR524 and have it connected to SmartThings. I have been running a DTH created by @johnconstantelo with a version dated 11/19/2016. He did a great job and this code has worked for me since Jan 2017. Because I did not have GitHub Integration setup for his code, I have not applied some of his recent updates. Therefore I cannot speak to the more recent versions. The one I have works well. The only thing I wish it did better, and this may actually be the fault of the device rather than the code, is respond to changes faster since it takes a few seconds for up/down changes to be reflected. On my wish list would be the ability to push clock updates to the device since the Trane clock seems to drift. Their documentation says that the clock is updated automatically from a Nexia hub.

Thanks for the pointer. I have been using the generic DH so far, which has been working fine. I am going to give this a try to understand what I have been missing.