Thermostat recomendation

So, I want to get 2 wifi thermostats that are ST compatible.
The Lyric T5 has a nice price point but according to another thread the community has been waiting for ST integration for awhile with no news of a rollout. Is there a list of compatible T-stats somewhere or can someone recommend a unit in the $100.00 price range?
Thanks much

Any reason you’re specifying Wi-Fi instead of zwave or zigbee?

The Nortek/Linear/2Gig/GoControl CT100 is a popular Z wave thermostat which usually sells for around $95 and is on the official “works with SmartThings” list.

The newest gocontrol Z wave model costs even less, and is being used by a number of community members, although it’s not on the official compatibility list yet;

Thanks for the info.

Thank you. I failed to notice the “show all” drop down. I looked there before posting my question. so, The CT100 or GC-TBZ48 is more like what I’m looking for.

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Sorry for the NOOB question…
The GC-TBZ48 states…
“Works with Amazon Alexa for voice control (hub required, Alexa device and hub sold separately)”

So, my existing ST Hub satisfies that statement, correct?

Yes, ST hub should be all you need to get the thermostat set up and connected to alexa.

Hello, I am one week in with my new smartthings hub. I bought the gocontrol gc-tbz48 but It does not exist when I try to add it to smartthings. I noticed some of you got it working. How? I dont know to how to add a device that doesn’t exist on the list. I didn’t want to install it until I know for sure it will work with smartthings.

Any advice?
Do I need too hook it all up and see if get discoverd automatically?

Thank you in advance.


Use the instructions to pair it with the hub. Essentially press the menu button and then the radio icon and then click on add device on your ST mobile app and it search and find the device and then add it.