Z-wave replacement for Radio Thermostat CT-50 currently using wifi?

I had been using this thermostat with RT’s app to connect using wifi but they’ve informed me that in May that will no longer be supported. I can get a RTZW-01 Z-wave module from Ebay for $25-$30 to use with my SmartThings hub but am wondering if I need to invest in a new thermostat instead. I’ll also need to decide on whether I want to get another wifi thermostat or get a Z-wave model. My needs are pretty simple: I want to be able to set a hold temperature (which apparently rules out Amazon’s offering) and I may want to set a schedule. If I go the Z-wave route I’d also like to be able to have Alexa adjust settings.

Is anyone using the CT-50 now with Z-wave? Does it work well?


I am not using a zwave thermostat, but I can recommend the EMERSON sensi wifi thermostat. It has cloud to cloud integration with smartthings and is fully exposed to rules and routines. It also has internal scheduling.

Amazon - Sensi

My gas company gave me a rebate for the full cost. Oh, I’m in the US…

There are a ton of Zigbee thermostats on Ebay and Mercari for 20 to 40 dollars that work on Smartthing. The Zwave thermostats are flaky and if you go with Wifi it will not run local and if your internet dies then what?