GoControl zwave thermostat $79.99

I saw this at Lowe’s. It says works with iris, but it also says it is compatible with most zwave controllers. I’m curious if anyone has set this up?

Should be similar to the 2Gig CT100. Same Manufacturer, basic Zwave thermostat.

(Nortek is the manufacturer. They sell devices under multiple brand names, including 2gig, linear, and go control. )

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I bought it just to give it a shot. It was found as a z-wave thermostat. It is controllable, but isn’t acting right. It respond for a minute and then stupid responding.

Not sure if it’s the thermostat, device type, app, or the currently ongoing problems with the platform.

Battery operated devices are reachable for a few minutes after pairing, and then at regular intervals after that when they wake up.

Ok, so if I wire this thing up it should stay responsive?

Some devices have to be reconfigured with zwave commands. Some auto sense the power when pairing. You might want to unpair, reset, connect to power, and re-pair.

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I wired in the thermostat and reset it, then added back to the system. No problems. It respond very well.

I did find a problem. I was playing with the device types for the thermostat, all of the template ones in the ide, and the only one that worked was the stock z-wave thermostat device type. When using any other one, after the first command the hub would completely stop communicating. I had to reboot the hub to get it back.

I started playing with some if the custom code I found in the forum. Some very good work there, thanks @RBoy Boy, I’m using a lot of his code.

I’ve found the 5-2 day programmer and it works wonderfully.

I’m working on the voice control with echo and I’m only half way there. I can tell echo to turn on the a/c, or the heat and it works perfectly.

I’m running into trouble with the temperature changes settings. I’m using the virtual momentary dimmer from @RBoy, but I’m having mixed results.
@RBoy I’m going to message you this evening if you’re willing to help me out.

Overall my expectations for a thermostat are simple.

I want it programmable, which I use 99.9% of the time.
I want voice control, just because.
And I want to control everything from only one app.

I’m currently using two Honeywell 6580 wifi thermostats, which work great. Except the wifi integration sucks with the mycomfort web site. And no echo support on it.

This a wave device does everything I want, and it’s $25.00 cheaper for each one.

So, the wifi ones are going back to HD and I’m going to give these a shot to see how I like them.

Final report on this thermostat.

I found the reaction to be extremely slow. Sometimes a minute or two before it would change modes.

So, I returned it today and I ordered the Honeywell z-wave thermostats.

When you say change modes…do you mean from heat to AC or actually changing temp? I was going to get a ct100 but this looks alot nicer. I got a nest but dont think I need a 250 thermostat. Would rather have more switches and garage closing with the money not spent on nest PLUS ill need to do some patch work. No C wire so, not too many options. Is the final word this thing isnt that hot, or does it do what its supposed to?

It does what it is supposed to and it worked just fine. I just found the delay in the response to much for my satisfaction.

I returned this one and got the Honeywell z-wave 8230 I think is the model number.

It is much more responsive.

But the major thing for me to return it was that it is only programmable via the ST app.

I build redundancy into all of my HA and not having the ability to run programming outside of ST was a killer for me.

But, for a basic thermostat, this one does the job.

my problem is the C wire…2 wire boiler system here…truth is I should just run a C wire but its alot of work in the attic and Im not in the mood for that. Rather wait to get a new furnace lol.

You could always get a wire saver module… I’m not sure if that would work, but it’s worth the research.

Only have a 2 wire (2 stage so 2 separate thermostats) but non the less each only 2 wire. So, I don’t think those work for my application. Maybe I’ll simple try the ct100 or gogo and see how well it works for me. Maybe I’ll get it locally and try it out.

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You can get the one I had at Lowe’s

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I’m considering this thermostat. I too have a 2 wire black/white hydronic baseboard setup. Not running a C wire as I’m renting. The way I see it I can just throw this thing up and bring it when I move. How bad is the latency if I’m running off battery?

I went to Lowes. Got their version which I think is the ct101. Simply put…it works. I haven’t even programmed it yet because I keep it within a few degrees and just turn it up/down running a routine at night when I’m about to hit the hay. There doesn’t seem to be any delay … If I hit the up/down arrow it seems fairly instant. For 80 bucks I’m going to use it until I run a c wire and get something else. But I don’t even know of that necessary because it does what its suppose to. Only down side is there are more attractive thermostats on the market. I used someone’s custom device type / app and that makes it s little easier to adjust because it had buttons vs a slider that you’ll see in the stock ct100 app. Gold luck.