GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat GC-TBZ48

Setting: I’ve recently purchased and have been testing a GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat GC-TBZ48, replacing my old CT100. Both are made by Nortek. The thermostats are/were wired into an Amana Air PTAC Unit, model number: PTH073B35AJ. Compared to the CT100, the GC-TBZ48 is leaps and bounds better when it comes to ease of use, controls, and functionality as a whole.

Problem: In the first month of using the GC, no issues occurred. Then, for the last 3 weeks or so, the PTAC has lost power once every week or so, also causing the thermostat to shut completely off as it gets power from the PTAC. After talking to Amana support, they said the problem could be a number of things, including the thermostat, the wiring, the PTAC and the power cord.

Request: In efforts to skip lengthly testing to figure out what the problem is, I was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems with the GoControl thermostats as a wired thermostat used with a PTAC, or if anyone has had any issues similar using any thermostat. In addition, any experience stories of the GC-TBZ48 and SmartThings V1 or V2 hub would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I know that the Z-Wave chip version of the GC is higher than that of the SmartThings V2 hub. This shouldn’t be an issue, correct?

I have been using this thermostat for about a month with Smartthings Hub V2 and everything seems to work fine so far.
The difference is I use batteries because my HVAC system does not have the C wire.
You might want to switch the thermostat to use batteries and see how it goes.

What device type are you guys using?

I just use the generic Z-Wave Thermostat.
Do you use another device type? I notice that this generic device type does not give me the battery level, and the system idle status is not updated properly.

Here is the device type I am using. Its a modified version of the generic device type.

Thanks. Were you the one who wrote it?

Does anyone know the temp range this does? I’d like to know the lowest setpoint it is capable of.

Heat: 30F
Cool: 60F

Just getting started with ST… Purchased an Echo, ST Hub and GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat GC-TBZ48. Followed the directions, the thermostat has joined to the hub, the phone App works just fine. When I connect Alexa it is able to discover and see my thermostat and adds it the list of devices, but I can not find anything that tells me the commands to speak to set or request the temperature. Anyone using Alexa?

Alexa, set temperature to …

I have been planning to run power to my Z-wave T-stat when I install it. I figured that batteries running a radio would need to be replaced often. Are these units actually efficient as far as power consumption is concerned? I won’t mind changing batteries once a year but more than that would not work for me as I split time between cities.

I see that battery is supposed to last 2 years. That works for me but
does the stat monitor and report battery level?