Thermostat on and off routine?

Hi, I can’t seem to make a routine to turn my CT30 z-wave on Heat or Air. I have created a routine that changes the tempeture but it won’t actually turn the heat or air on.
The reason I want this is to tell alexa to turn the heat on. So I’ve crate a routine that says “set heat to 73’” and it does I need fact set the temp BUt does not turn the heat on if it’s currently off.
Any ideas what I’m doing wrong or how to fix this?
Thank you

I would recommend not using a Routine control your thermostat as Routines tend to fail a lot and don’t have a lot of the functionality. For best results I would and currently use CoRe rule engine.
e.g. I leave.
Rule runs:
Turns all of my lights off.
Armes the SHM and Changes mode or Routine to away or Away Mode!
Turns off the thermostat.
Turns on my interior security cameras.
Sends push and SMS to me telling me that all of the above actions are completed.

All of this because the app just needs an On/Off switch for thermostats the Routine?