Idiot's Guide to Zen Thermostat Programming

Hi all, I know this has been a previous conversation but I need it simplified. Can someone please take me through the process for programming the Zen. Ideally, I’d like it to turn way down or off during the day and the middle of the night, but turn on shortly before I wake up and get home from work. Does anyone have this already set up?

There are probably many ways to do this. As an example, we have our thermostat set points set by routines. E.g. the Goodbye routine sets the set points to our away settings (lower or off), the I’m Back routine sets it back for when we’re home, as does the Good Morning routine. Good Night sets it lower for sleeping. Our routines are run automatically when things happen, like when people leave or arrive, or on a schedule or motion.

This way we very seldom have to touch the thermostats.

There are several “Climate Control” SmartApps in the Marketplace.

Personally, I just use Routines in the “Automations” section of the phone app. I’ve simulated a 5-2 day programmable thermostat by creating Wake, Away, Return, and Sleep routines for weekdays and weekends (a total of 8 routines). Wake and Sleep are time-based, Away and Home are presence based.

To create a custom Routine, go to the Automations tab, view Routines, tap the + (Add) button, and select the criteria you want. It did take a little tweaking as I learned some of the edge cases. For example, if Sleep is scheduled to turn down the heat at 10pm and Return is scheduled to raise the heat when I arrive home, don’t raise the heat if I arrive after 10pm. For that case, you need to utilize both Presence and Mode.

There may be more efficient ways to do it these days, but this is what seemed most reliable 18 months ago when I first installed my thermostat.