Thermostat and Arlo

(Shane) #1

Spent over 1700 dollars in 3 weeks, to find false advertising. Arlo cameras don’t integrate can only turn them on or off as a switch. My Honeywell 9000 thermostat worked for 2 weeks but since ST update it doesn’t respond to routine. This system is very not reliable. Very disappointed. These 2 items are the reason I went with smarthings, and either work properly.

(Dan) #2

Have you contacted to see if they can assist?

(Chris) #3

I have a Honeywell 9000 as well. Have you gone back into the TCC Connect smart app and tried to relogin? There were issues with the integration about 2 weeks ago and they should be fixed. Mine has been fine for several days now after the issues were fixed.

(Brandon Woods) #4

I have my Arlo camera integrated into ST. I can view it and I even have it set so that when a motion sensor in the house trips it starts to record. I also have it set so the camera itself is a motion detector.

(Robert K) #5

I needed to login to TCC Connect again too but have had no issues with it or Arlo integration. I’ve found setup of most SmartThings need some patience and a bit of trial and error before you are satisfied. Drove my wife crazy but after a month of adjustments our lights, motion sensors, contact sensors, thermostat, cameras, etc… all work great!

(Shane) #6

Very pleased they did fix the thermostat issue. Latley since my on off toggle color changed to blue my arlo camereas have been able to do live view threw smartthings. I have noticed I need to pause about 1 minute after turning on then tapnlive view. If I turn on and try live view immediatley it wont connect. However after some rough starts I am pleased over all.