Theater Room Help Needed


I am getting ready to do the lighting in my theater room. I will have 6 can lights on a zwave dimmer and two strips of rgbw lights under the molding that will meet back at a fibaro zwave controller. I am hoping that I can integrate everything with a remotek scene controller so that I can control the can lights dimming and rgb color/dimming by pushing the scene button.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

Do you already have the remote? If not, check out

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What I ended up doing for our theater room was a couple different things. We have a set of 6 can lights in the ceiling over the sitting area, and 6 smaller cans all along the wall (3 on each side) tucked inside recessed areas for artwork. In the back is the bar with more ceiling cans, and cabinet lighting.

I prefer to use the ST app, so I use 2 Routines we created - Movie Time! and Movie Finished! Each one dim or turn off the lights to preset levels. If I need to fine tune the dim level, I have my phone handy, and an Echo Dot.

The other option we have is an Aeon Minimote dedicated to the room. My family prefers to use that to do the same thing as the Routines.

Eventually I will have a tablet in the room to control everything, including all my audio and video, but that’s a long term project for me.

While I don’t have any rgb color devices, I would imagine you could control those as well with a Routine, Minimote, and/or even CoRE pistons tripped by virtual devices.

I use CoRE for initial lighting when I start an activity, then harmony for in movie and after activity, is turned off. Using both offers a lot of flexibility!

I use a Harmony. What I did was created a virtual switch, provided harmony access to that switch. And in the Harmony activities, whenever the theater is turned on, this virtual switch is turned on. On activity shutoff, this switch is turned off
In ST, I have a CoRE piston that triggers when the switch turns on
I do this only in one of the evening modes.


The only issue I have with harmony and SmartThings is there is no way to raise the lights from with an activity.

So you can’t pause a movie and the raise the light slightly.

Joe there are some ways to do this, but it depends on what is running your theater. Do you have an htpc or just a blu ray player?

All of my clients are plex apps on Samsung TVs or Apple TV4.

Ok then I think I have your answer:. [RELEASE] PlexPlus - Control Lighting with Plex Play Status


How does this work with multiple clients? I have 4 different clients in 4 different rooms. How does this know which room to control lights on?

You tell it which device a request comes from, via name/ip, then you configure it to do what you want. So if a plex request comes in from the ps3 in my living room, I have that IP assigned in the app and it reacts to that. The ps3 in my theater would be seen different and can then have different actions.

Using * will mean any plex client doing the action with cause the actions you configure to happen.