Question about TCP Bulbs, Harmony Home Ultimate, and Aeon Minimote

Hello All. This might be a good question for @twack but figured I would ask everyone. I’ve been thinking about investing in the TCP bulb setup and getting it connected to SmartThings. I was wondering if I would be able to control it with my GE 45601 remote? If not, is there any way to setup scenes? I was thinking of getting 4 for my living room. When watching tv it would be cool to have the fronts off and the back 2 on but dim. Thanks for any thoughts!


I created an app a while back that allows you create “Scenes”. It’s called “scene machine”. You set the lights to the levels you want, then pick them in the app. When you choose “update app” it records the levels and states. Then all you have to do is tap the app and it will set the chosen lights to that “scene’s / app’s” level. I have one for watching TV, one for cooking dinner and another for eating dinner. I even have one for “Romantic Dinner”. The latter one doesn’t get used as much as it should. :slight_smile:

Anyway, here is the link:

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Sorry to ressurect this @wackware. I’m going to try using “scene machine” to setup a few different scenes. I was wondering if you knew of an easy way to call those scenes using an Aeon Minimote? Looking for an easy way for the girlfriend to turn the lights up or down as needed. Ideally I would be able to do this from my Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home, but I’m not finding an easy way to do that either.

Thanks as always!

Depending on the complexity of the scene, the Harmony might be an option. You can group lights directly in the Harmony setup, so if you still have the 4 lights, you could set up 3 groups (All, Front 2, Back 2) to control the lighting. Not sure how the home control buttons show up on the Ultimate remote (I have the Home Control with 4 dedicated Home Automation buttons); but then it would be pretty easy to turn off the front and dim the back or turn on/off all the lights. Unfortunately I have not found a way to initiate a scene via a button press on the Harmony. I’m pretty sure you can add a “scene” to an activity button, so certain lights will turn on/off/dim when an activity is triggered, but that’s not a great solution.

I have the Ultimate Home, does that have dedicated buttons for this? If so, I would love to take advantage of them. I don’t hate the last solution, I’ll have to look into adding the scene. Would that be done via the Harmony software or SmartThings?

Looking at the Ultimate Remote, the Home Automation control will show up on the touchscreen somewhere, but I’m not sure how. Have you connected Harmony and SmartThings, so they talk to each other? Once you do that, the SmartThings devices you allow Harmony to interact with will show up in Devices, and you should be able to customize the button layout for various activities to show the lights on the touchscreen. Since I don’t have the touchscreen remote, I can’t give more specific instructions.

All of this would done via the Harmony Software once you have enabled access (that is done via the SmartThings Labs Harmony to choose what devices to provide access and then in the Harmony Software to pick the devices to pull into the Harmony setup).

Yes, I do have that working. I can control the lights and stuff…but I wasn’t sure how to get the “scene” to show up on the remote. I suppose once I get that to happen, I could assign it to one of the physical buttons. I’ll do some playing around with this tonight and let you know how it goes.

I played around with this a bit last night. Needless to say, I’m quite frustrated with it. I setup multiple activities on my Harmony remote to set the lights to different “scenes”. Every time I would run them, I get different results. Some lights would turn on, so wouldn’t do anything, some would go to 100%, some would go to 50%. Very very random. I even moved the TCP gateway into the same room to make sure that wasn’t the issue but got the same results.

Do you guys know how to set the different scenes from scene machine to buttons on an Aeon Minimote? I’ll go that route if it works and is consistent…

Dimmer/lighting control via harmony has been implemented (by harmony) in a very spastic way.
From my observations it seems to go something like this when a list of dimmers are activated from the remote:
Go through the list one by one, turn each dimmer on to 100%
Go through the list again, setting each to dimmer the requested level.
I’ve already mentioned this “feature” on the ultimate beta forum.

Thanks Mike, I’ll give that a try tonight and let you know how it goes. Not sure why I didn’t think of checking out the Harmony forums. I’ll take a look there as well.


FYI, I tried this and it still didn’t help. I’m sitting in my living room right now with 1 light completely off, 1 at 100% and 2 at 50% where I wanted all 4. I’ve posted on the Harmony forums, we’ll see if I get any response. Very frustrating.

Does anyone know how to set some scenes and then apply that to the buttons on the Aeon Minimote? I’ll use that for the time being if possible. Thank you very much if you can help with that!


I cannot even get my Harmony to turn my TCP lights on and off properly. It does even try to dim them. They turn on and then right back off.