Another newbie: ideas for home theater lighting?

I just got my smarthings hub and will be using it with harmony to control a home theater I have been researching dimmer switches and like the cooper 9540 naw but not sure what all I need; this is what I want to do any suggestions appreciated. I have sconce light on wall and cans in the ceiling I want to be able to slowly dim both with the can slowly going off to create that real movie theater atmosphere…

I have two GE Dimmer Switches controlling each side of the rooms can lights. These are tied into Smartthings which in turn is connected to my Harmony Smart Hub. When I say Watch a Movie the TV, Receiver and Blu-ray turn on, along with the two switches. I even have it set to turn on to 50 percent after sunset.

These switches work really well and they dim up and dim down when they turn off. They also remember what level they were at when they were turned off.


Check out this post regarding my home theater setup. In there I talk about a couple of smart apps that can help you automate your whole setup. I use hue lights along with some rope lights to help set the mood. Hue lights are great, albeit expensive to have different scenes of color lighting.

If you use Plex, have a look at this: