Smartthings - harmony wiz needed


I have a few questions for the smartthings - harmony pros outthere.

When I use the watchtv activity on my harmony remote I would like certain lights to turn off. What is the best way todo this?
Would it make sense that I add a new mode called “tvmode” that gets enabled if possible when turning on TV?
I also have a night mode which turn off and on various lights at a specific time. Is it possible to make it happend like this: that if example nightmode starts at 24:00, and tvmode Is running, that nightmode wont start until tvmode activity is ended? Thanks…

When I start watching a blu-ray or roku activity, the family room lights dim to 30% and the kitchen light turns off. When the activity ends, the lights go back on / to full brightness.

To do this, I authorized Harmony to use the required ST devices in the Harmony app. I then set up the devices in the Harmony app and added them as pre and post home events for the blu-ray and roku activities.

For your more complicated scenario, you’ll probably need to write some code.

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Have you done anything within an activity? For instance pressing pause brightens the lights to 10%

If so can you share how?

Unfortunately, the current standard integration does support that level of interaction. I’m hoping that in the future you can add device commands as macros to Harmony key presses.

I wanted to do the same. I believe this is a limitation of Harmony and not ST. Harmony does not allow you to program any of the buttons to “home” devices. Only the harmony hub with the companion remote (which has dedicated home device buttons) would allow this but only for those specific buttons. I reached out to Harmony support and they advised that they are working on allowing full customization but can make no guarantees that it will make it to production.

I do lots of things using virtual switches in ST, I then include these in the various harmony activities to represent the state of some of the devices in Harmony. I have one for my TV, another for the squeeze box and another for the audio stack.
You can then use the ST virtual switch to trigger events in ST.
Harmony does a decent job of turning these virtual devices on and off.
I’ve not been happy with their control of dimmers, they seem to want to turn each one on first, then loop back around and set the dim level… This doesn’t look to cool when your’ re trying to create a scene in one room involving multiple lights.

I think Routines in ST is going to be your best bet. You can have a routine start your harmony activity, dim your lights, and put your house into “movie mode”. You can also set up your “night” routine so that it cannot run in “movie” mode. When you’re done watching, just tap your “night” routine. I can do all this through Alexa and virtual switches. my harmony ultimate can show me devices so I could put the virtual switches into my remote touchscreen if so inclined.