Home theater app! (Help!)

(Matt Fink) #1

So I have been looking in to automating the lighting in my home theater where when the movie starts the lights dim (mixture of ge bulbs and hue bulbs)- maybe even change colors based on the type of movie too…or shutting them off completely…I know there is an ifttt way to do it using plex notify but I feel using smartthings there is so much more you could do with it…so my thought process is why not use a multi sense to sense vibration from a speaker (center channel maybe?) - when it senses the right level of vibration the lights do as you please… With plexs new trailers feature too the trailers seem to play in stereo only which means with high enough sensitivity the trigger won’t happen until the feature starts… Anyways…I know nothing about smartapps or programming. I’ve only had my smartthings for a few days and have it working great for lights, locks, etc but have no idea how to program this…so if someone wants to take a stab at it, I’d greatly appreciate it! What’s great about it is it works with all tv/home theaters since it’s just based off sound…


(Nathan Cook) #2

Have a home theater and have though of some of the same things. I have a motion in mine that i plan on linking to lights. Maybe to come on when i enter and then dim automatically after 2 minutes to tv or movie watching level. Also to shutoff automatically if no one is in the theater and the tv is off. What about using the 12v trigger on your system somehow? Not sure exactly how but i am sure it possible. Be pretty cool to have the system fire up and have that trigger a series of events. The reserve me be cool as well… say you hit the switch and the lights trigger theater to fire up. possibilities are endless!

(Teflon Koss) #3

I’ve created a mode called “Theater Mode”, which turns off all the hue lights when activated. A Hello, Home action called “Movie Time”, sets ST to Theater Mode. I’ve set the motion sensor that activates the lights to not turn on when its in Theater mode, in case someone (or the cat) walks in front of it.

Once the Harmony remote integration comes, all the other A/V stuff should be available. Can’t wait for that!

(Matt Fink) #4

Yeah - both those options are good and the harmony stuff will be amazing because I’d love to dim the lights on play and turn them up on pause/stop. I put a Multisense on my center speaker using the grill to pressure it - it reads vibration perfectly. I have zero programming knowledge so I’m going to attempt to find an app and modify it for my needs. If all goes well the lights should dim/turn off a few seconds into the movie playing assuming there’s sound right away which most have in the bumper anyways.

(Matt Fink) #5

So I finally got around to playing with some code with disastrous results…well not disastrous, just not functional - I tried modifying some apps, mixing two, no luck until I stumbled upon the advanced switch and lighting control app by @troykelly.

I only had a brief moment to test it but it seemed to do some of what I want! So I put my multisense on my center channel speaker (prob would work better on subwoofer), started up plex theater and started a movie, as soon as a loud noise hit (within the first few seconds) the lights I wanted to turned off automatically. The hue colors didn’t switch and not all the lights turned off (TCP bulbs and a reg GE switch didn’t seem to work, again, limited test though).

What I would love is for the lights to not just turn off but for all of them to dim slowly until off - and ideally (no idea if this is even possible) have the lights all dim/power off at the same time.

Any idea on how to add code for the lights to slowly dim?

Thanks so much!