[The Verge] Samsung's big bet: put American software startups inside its most important hardware


(Jody) #2

Pixie looks like an interesting place for SmartThings integration. I have been looking at all sorts of TV overlays that would allow on screen notifications without interrupting the broadcast. I found one called InAir that had promise. That solution seems to have gone about a year without gaining any real traction or updates. Have you seen anything that would allow a popover notification that, for example, would allow you to see who is at the door without stopping the current program on your TV @Tyler?


We demoed a proof of concept of this functionality on Samsung Tizen TVs at CES this year. The idea would be that your SmartThings notifications would be delivered directly to your TV if you were watching it. You’d have the ability to interact with the notification (unlock the front door when someone is there, see a camera feed, etc.).

This is still happening though I can’t comment on when it will be released.

(dhsemp) #4

Probably released in a matter of weeks :slight_smile:

(Jovan) #5

yes, Q3 of some year between now and… never

(Kyle ) #6

Id pay good money for this feature as i have two Samsung Smart Tvs id love to have notifications appear on and when V2 arrives cameras in a PIP fashion :slight_smile:

Will this feature when released work with all samsung smart tvs (mine are 2013/2014 models) or will users be pushed into spending $5000 on the latest snazziest tvs to gain these features haha

This need to be in the top ten for features urgently needed if you ask me haha - it would be great… The closest ive got is the basic harmony beta integration and the current samsung smartthings remote style community made integration, which allows me to tell ubi to pause the tv or mute it or play or turn it off etc but thats about it :frowning:

(Jody) #7

Tizen TV’s were launched this year at CES.

(Kyle ) #8

Typicalllllllllllll !!!