The Smartest House 10% off sale (selected zwave Devices) Nov 2017

This isn’t a super big discount, but every little bit helps. :sunglasses: This retailer is also very active in the forums if you have any questions. (@TheSmartestHouse ) And a few of the items, like the fibaro flood Sensor, the Vision single relay, and a couple of CT thermostats) have steeper discounts. Worth a look, anyway. :sunglasses:

Oh, and the Hank zwave plus pocket socket with two (nonnetworked) USB slots is on sale for 24.95. I know some people have been looking for a similar device, and this is the best price I’ve seen for a zwave one with a USB slot. ( again, you only get Z wave control of the 110 V socket, the USB slots are not networked. But still nice to have.)


Is there a 10% code? I’m not 100% sure but this are the same prices 60% all the time.

all jokes aside is there a 10% code?

No code, the sale price is shown for each item.

The discounts look legit, if relatively small. For example, here’s the camel Camel Camel price history on the flood sensor which the smartest House currently has at $32.99, which is about two bucks under the current Amazon price.


As always, shop around, as prices do vary. :sunglasses:

the three items I purchased back in October and September are showing same price again on Nov, which is good [glass half full], they didn’t go back to regular price, but don’t see 10% more off that price. Need CCC for more websites.

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Thanks for tagging us @JDRoberts!

You guys need to check back on Monday when we’re starting with Early Black Friday Deals. Free shipping in the U.S. and lots of discounts :slight_smile: We’ll be doing proper Black Friday starting Thanksgiving and then more deals on Cyber Monday. Can’t wait, hope you’ll enjoy it!


I do like The Smartest House, one of my favourite smart/home/automation vendors!